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In the world of social media promotion, Qui Zhengda is a hot commodity. Learn why so many people and businesses are turning to him for assistance.

Qiu Zhengda: A new light shining in social media planning and production

In 2003, people around the world took notice as a new website by the name of was launched. Most of us who remember that really didn’t know what to make of it at the time. We posted a few pictures of ourselves on the small social media platform and used it as more of a way to share a little bit about ourselves to friends and family while not realizing where this new digital path was eventually going to take us.

Fast-forward to today and social media has enthralled the entire world with the ability to share information quickly and more importantly promote products, brands, and people to a level that would have never been imaginable 20 years ago. Because of this, famous people around the world seek out talented social media producers that know the ins and outs of film directing as well as understand how to create amazing content that people pay attention to and admire.

But who exactly has the ability to produce entertaining content for social media stars while having the experience and credentials in cinematography to make them shine? Let us introduce you to Qiu Zhengda.

Qiu Zhengda has recently started making a name for himself in the world of social media production and planning. Since completing his Master’s Degree in Film and Media from the New York Film Academy a few years ago, he has grown in popularity in both China and the US. His prestigious education combined with his incredible inborn ability to produce entertaining and exciting onscreen material has caused others to take notice and seek him out.


But what really makes Qiu stand out from the ordinary is his ability to both plan and create social media content so that his clients get not only an amazing videography experience but impeccable delivery of Qiu’s hard work and expertise.

In just a short amount of time, he has already produced impressive content for multiple realms of genres such as fashion, automotive, food, and makeup for social media influencers and stars that have hundreds of thousands of loyal followers.

He has personally worked with many famous persons in the US such as Maggie Q and Akon by shooting and directing promotional social media content. Qiu has also stepped into cross-cultural promotional content by assisting up-and-coming stars like LilHuddy and Salem Ilese with making fun and enthralling content designed to reach out to the fanbases of popular American music in China.

One of his recent projects involved promoting one of LilHuddy’s famous hits “America’s Sweetheart” to the Chinese community.

The interesting thing about Qiu Zhengda is that his creative juices know no boundaries. The more he conceives phenomenal ideas, the greater his ingenious approaches to making outstanding content for his future projects become. It’s almost like pouring gasoline on an already enormous fire that seems to have no end.

One of the more popular projects that Qiu is working on as a top producer with is known as Mr. Unicorn (or the Poison Horn Show in China – 毒角SHOW). In the Chinese social media realm, Mr. Unicorn has gained more than 60 million followers and has now racked up over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube alone.

The big question is, what kind of appealing content is Qiu helping to produce that is attracting so many loyal followers? We will explain.

As mentioned before, Qiu has developed quite a reputation among popular movie and music stars in the US and abroad. He has used his talent and popularity to mesh together the acclaim of Mr. Unicorn with star connections to make content that is exciting while creating cross-cultural exchanges in the process.

Some of the popular videos created have featured scenarios, for example, where the world-famous rapper Akon and Mr. Unicorn agreed to a rap contest to promote American/Chinese solidarity and have a lot of fun in the process. The video of the contest alone has over 30 million views and 3 million likes among Chinese fans.

By Qiu leading the production of Mr. Unicorn, the show has been able to work alongside the famous Hollywood actress Maggie Q who has played leading roles in many well-known films and TV series. In one of the more recent adventures of the show, Qiui directs a funny plot where Mr. Unicorn visits Maggie Q at her home because he believes that the actress is interested in dating him. It turns out that she is looking for someone to mate with her female dog to produce puppies instead.

Another popular video production that Qiu was responsible for directing was a meeting between Mr. Unicorn and the president of the UFC, Dana White, where the prominent businessman agrees to arrange a real UFC fight for Mr. Unicorn.

It can be easily seen that Mr. Unicorn, with the help of Qiu’s knowledge and fame, is an instrumental online powerhouse for providing cross-cultural promotions and notoriety among many big names in the entertainment world and beyond.

The beginning of the new year has already been amazing for Qiu as his fame spreads and more and more people seek out his genius. He was recently invited to work alongside Andrzej Bartkowiak, a famous Hollywood director, to plan and produce all of Mr. Bartkowiak’s promotional social media content for his films.

With the help of Qiu’s influence and connections, Mr. Unicorn was even recently invited to a New York Nets basketball game where he entertained the crowd by showing off some of his amazing skills with a basketball and warmed the hearts of many.

Without Qiu’s essential skill set and expertise in directing and creating extraordinary content, none of this would be possible for the Mr. Unicorn show and unfortunately, many cross-cultural barriers would have never been broken. It has led to tens of millions of views and followers worldwide for the entertainment powerhouses and it will only grow from here.

The professional and multifaceted approach that Qiu brings to the world of social media directing and planning is something that makes him one-of-a-kind. As his fame and notoriety continue to spread, it won’t be long until his name is recognized among the greats of filmography and videography. And at the rate that he is moving in his career, more and more prominent people in the entertainment industry will pursue his extraordinary talents.

We are super excited to see where his fascinating journey takes him next.

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