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Choose a Reliable Foundation Repair Contractor: 5 Pro Tips

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When you have lived in your home for a long time, you may notice some changes within your house. These changes might be due to foundation issues, indicating that it needs some repairs. Repairing the foundation comes with a myriad of benefits, including: 

  • A repaired foundation boosts the value of your home
  • It enhances the safety of your home, as it prevents the house from collapsing
  • It will save you a considerable deal of money

However, finding a reliable foundation repair can be unnerving. Luckily, these highlight tips will help you pick the best contractor to repair your foundation. 

Experience Plays a Huge Role

When choosing a foundation repair company, considering the years they have been in the repair business is imperative. However, don’t mistake the years a company has been in operation for quality work. 

Some companies hardly offer quality services despite being in the field for decades. Choose a company with an impeccable reputation and good management. You can pick about four top-rated companies and visit their websites. 

Read testimonies from previous clients to get invaluable information. Feel free to visit our website and check out our quality services. Doing this will help you narrow down to the most reliable contractor. 


What do your friends, colleagues, or family members say about your preferred company? Word of mouth can save you tons of stress. Sometimes people rely on reviews, which is okay, but even the worst company can hire people or ask employees to give positive reviews. 

Check reviews with the watchdog groups like Angie’s list or BBB. However, keep in mind the company’s size, years of operation, and the nature of each complaint. It could be they have poor customer services but excel in foundation repairs

Insured Company

The insurance aspect is among the most ignored factors when hiring a company. But it’s a crucial aspect you should note carefully. Ask the foundation repair company for the insurance certificate. 

Importantly, ensure the certificate comes directly from the provider. Some companies might make a copy of the old certificate, and customers will never know. And when something happens during repairs, you would not be covered. 

Value of Repairs 

The cost of foundation repairs varies from company to company. It’s recommendable to compare prices before settling for a given contractor. Ensure your target is value, which is the benefits minus cost.  

A reliable foundation repair company doesn’t come cheaply. You get what you pay for. An experienced company with highly trained and skilled engineers will be pricier but deliver excellent results. Avoid low-ball estimates as it may mean the company lack skills and experience. 

Salesperson’s Knowledge 

Consider the salesperson’s experience in the field. Ensure they understand the house leveling and conduct a thorough foundation inspection – like the pros from House Leveling Austin. The person evaluating your house might represent a reputable company, but they may lack knowledge about your foundation issues.

Inadequate inspection can lead to poor foundation diagnosis. As a result, your home will not get the proper foundation repair. 

The Bottom Line 

As the adage says, “it’s better to be safe than sorry,” especially with foundation repairs. At Pinnacle Foundation Repairs, we offer unrivaled foundation repairs to suit your needs and budget. Tour our website book a free quote. 

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