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There are so many choices for bedsheets, but getting the wrong fabric can impact your sleep quality. Sleep comfortably with the perfect bedsheet for you.

7 types of bed cover fabrics you should know about

A piece of fabric that covers the bed is referred to as the bed sheet or bed linen. If you go shopping, then you will find many variants in bedsheets, such as bottom sheets and top sheets. Bottom sheets are referred to as fitted sheets, while the top sheets are referred to as flat sheets (and some come with the water penetration resistance).

Fitted sheets are generally placed over the mattresses, and flat sheets are laid on the top of the fitted sheets. Bed sheets are generally made with different types of fabrics such as satin, cotton, bamboo, silk, rayon, etc. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right fabric for the bedsheet as well as the quilt covers. 

You can easily buy bed linen and quality quilt covers in Australia online. One needs to have basic information regarding the fabric. Here we are going to talk about a few of the fabrics that are generally used for bedsheets. 


Cotton is known as the most common fabric that is used to make bedsheets as well as bed linen. With a cotton bedsheet, you can experience many benefits, such as being breathable, soft, and durable. 

Cotton fabric is also known as the most cost-effective fabric. Cotton is further categorized into various types such as Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton, Upland Cotton, Supima, and MicroCotton. 

Egyptian cotton is known for its luxurious feel and super softness. It offers high-quality features. This type of cotton is generally grown in north Africa in a dry climate. It comes with extra-long fibers, which give the smooth and soft fabric. 

Pima Cotton is known for its softness and natural feel. It is largely produced in the US southwest apart from several other countries. This also comes with medium to extra-long fibers, which makes it the best fabric for the bedsheet. 

Upland Cotton is mostly used by Americans, but it has slowly started gaining popularity in other countries as well. This fabric is softer than Pima or Egyptian cotton.

Supima is referred to as the trademark for the fabric, which is made with 100% American Pima Cotton.

MicroCotton is referred to as the trademark for the fabric which is developed in India. It is generally made with long-staple cotton fibers, which are soft and absorbent. 


Silk is known as the most luxurious and softest fabric used for making bedsheets. The bedsheets made out of silk are known to be cool, silky, and softer, which makes them the right option for a romantic bedroom. Silk is generally produced by silkworms and is also referred to as naturally hypoallergenic fabric. But the silk fabric is comparatively expensive and difficult to handle. 


Polyester is known as the man-made fabric which is produced by plastic drinking bottles polymer. Polyester fabric is stiff and starchy. Hence it is generally mixed with other fabrics such as cotton. 

This is generally done for the inexpensive polyester bedsheet. The bedsheets made with polyester are not soft as the other fabrics; hence they can not be used for sleeping under humid conditions. These sheets tend to resist stains, and hence they can be a perfect pick for a kid’s bedroom. 


Bamboo fabric is usually made with bamboo, and hence the sheets are also referred to as bamboo sheets. Here the bamboo pulp goes through the chemical process to dissolve it, and then it is resolved to spin into the thread. Here the harmful chemicals are used that make the bamboo sheets less environmentally friendly. As a result, you get soft, silky, and durable fabric. 


Blends are known as the combination of multiple fabrics, especially cotton. Some of the common fabrics that are used in this process are cotton, rayon, polyester, and bamboo. Blended fabrics are known to be inexpensive and durable. Hence it could be the best option for a children’s bedroom. 


Tencel is the trademark used for the fabric made with the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree. It is known to be the durable and softest fabric. It also possesses a natural antimicrobial quality. It is also known as an environmentally friendly fabric since it requires fewer chemicals and water during production. 


Satin gives you a luxurious feel along with the silky sheen. It is generally made with a mixture of silk, nylon fibers, and polyester. These satin bed sheets tend to have a glossy sheen on the top and a dull sheen at the back. 

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