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Patrick L. Riley is the one and only host of CREWTV's hit interview show 'Inspired'. Get inspired by everything Riley has done throughout 2021.

Get ‘Inspired’ with Patrick L. Riley ahead of its Season 2 Finale

Acclaimed reality TV producer Patrick L. Riley hosts Inspired, a limited-run, at-home online interview show hosted by CREWTV. Inspired releases via streaming every Monday night at 6pm, and its season 2 finale is scheduled to air on December 22nd. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the show, or someone who’s just discovering it today, the finale episode will be an exciting spectacle that you won’t want to miss.

In the final episode, Riley sits down with Ms. Jennifer Holliday, who played Effie White as an original cast member of Dreamgirl. The Broadway hit is just about to have its 40 year reunion, so Riley & Holliday revisit the play, dive into the juicy details, and explore where Holliday’s life has taken her throughout the past four decades.

Throughout 2021, the second season of Inspired has been one of the most enlightening shows about entertainment that’s available anywhere. The show has been a bright spot in an otherwise challenging year. Patrick L. Riley’s other pursuits have also been some of the year’s biggest highlights. Don’t worry if you’ve missed some of the great moments, we’ve got a full recap for you right here.

Get inspired

Patrick L. Riley had this to say about the 2nd season of his interview series Inspired. “Looking back to the top of 2021, I felt a calling to extend my creativity  – virtually – by checking in with some inspiring folks on how they’ve been pivoting in the pandemic.” This was the show’s first season on CREWTV, and Inspired kicked things off right by speaking with @civicallyreengaged WOMEN’s Founder & CEO @sharoninelson1.

From there, Riley and the crew went on to film four episodes of Inspired. They debuted to incredible success, and off the back of that success CREWTV invited Riley to host its 1st Anniversary/Mother’s Day Special. Riley interviewed six inspiring women to celebrate motherhood and all its accomplishments.

In June the National Association of Black Journalists & Chan Zuckerberg Initiative gave Riley and his crew a NABJ Black Press Grant to produce four more episodes of Inspired. The second run was, if anything, even more successful than the initial four episodes had been. The show is now picking up real heat as it heads into its finale.

Patrick L. Riley

Of course, the host of Inspired hasn’t limited himself to just that show this year. He also had his acting debut in the Shaquille O’Neil Executive Produced film Steps. Riley had the opportunity to expand his horizons and show off his truly impressive range. Steps was warmly reviewed upon its debut, and whether or not you’re already a fan of Inspired, you won’t want to skip over the film.

It’s been a bigger year for Inspired and an even bigger year for Patrick L. Riley. Who knows what the future holds, but for now you can catch up on all the fun by watching Inspired on CREWTV every Monday night at 6pm. Get ready to meet your new favorite show, one of the best interview series on the internet.

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