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Omar Gooding is joining the cast of the LA short film 'Metamorphosis'. Learn more about Gooding and the film here.

Omar Gooding joins cast of LA short film ‘Metamorphosis’

LA film school creates a thought-provoking short film and adds Omar Gooding, to the cast. The film Metamorphosis is a drama-action about a young boy struggling through life after the disappearance of his father, written and directed by Raven Curry, produced by Jamaal Bethea and Diviniti Smith. Omar Gooding, the younger brother of Cuba Gooding Jr., best known for his famous roles on Smart Guy and Baby Boy, plays a civilian who is harassed by a crooked cop that brings havoc to the lives of the characters in the film. 

Jamaal Bethea and Diviniti Smith who are both executive producers of Metamorphosis also make appearances in the film. “When I got the script from Raven I knew there was something important about this piece of art that society could benefit from and that was enough for me to press the button to get this movie financed.” – Jamaal Bethea

The film is set to appear in select theaters and streaming networks this year. Some of the networks include Amazon Prime and ‘Big Indy TV’ an international and independent television network, owned by CEO Diviniti Smith better known as Lady Diviniti. There also are talks surrounding a press conference along with the short being screened in the Los Angeles film festival circuit this year. 

“In observance to conversations about police brutality in the US; this film plans to inform the viewers on multiple levels about what it is like to be on the bad side of the law. “Many people can identify and find a piece of themselves in this film, whether they connect with a character or know of others personally who have experienced what many perceive to be injustice by the hands of law enforcement.” says Raven Curry.

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