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Creative freedom: Get to know actress/singer Mila Nabours

She may have started out as a gymnast phenom with a stellar career ahead of her in one respect. Yet even after switching gears to a recording artist, Mila Nabours continues to flip from strength to strength with singular panache as her latest EP Vision continues to make waves worldwide.

Vision speaks to a generation of teens trying to discover themselves and their life’s direction in a post-COVID world. Outside of music, Mila lends her voice to bring awareness to autism through the charity Spreading the Love.

Outside of the entertainment world, Mila is a typical teenager that enjoys long-boarding, biking, laughing with friends and making comedic content. But what else is lying underneath and ahead for the rising star? We were lucky enough to ask her ourselves.

What first made you fall in love with dance?

Since I was little I’ve always loved dancing, I just never took it seriously, since I spent all my time growing up in the gym doing gymnastics!

Who are some dancers that you really admire?

Bailey Sok & Charlize Glass!

Tell us about how your dancing led to your first acting role.

During the time when I booked my first film, I was a competitive dancer, and was fortunate enough to have been found on Instagram by the director— she thought I was perfect for the role!

Before that all happened, had you ever envisioned yourself acting?

I was interested in pursuing acting, but didn’t know what it would lead to or how it would work out. Shooting this film made me absolutely fall in love with acting and being on set.

What was your biggest challenge while transitioning into acting?

Getting comfortable with the camera, and being able to fully commit to the vulnerability in each and every character.

What do you consider to be your biggest success so far?

I am most proud of the firm film I ever did, Feet of Fire, as it was really the start of my acting career and an empowering role.

What are some dream projects you hope to work on in the future?

I’d love to explore all sorts of new characters in film, in specific I think doing a thriller movie would be an absolute blast.

Are there any people in the industry you’d particularly like to work alongside?

I look up to lots of artists, Zendaya and Gerard Butler are two of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite films?

London Has Fallen, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and the Harry Potter series are some of my favorites !!

What advice would you give to someone who’s just getting started as an actor?

Patience and smart work is everything! Do it because you love it, and don’t have expectations. Things will happen with time, focus on your craft and getting as much experience as you can.

Can you tell us anything about your upcoming acting projects?

I’m currently on set filming an episode for a YouTube series as I’m writing this! I always post updates on my projects or when I have something coming out , on my Instagram :)

You’re also a musician. When did you first start playing music?

I played violin and piano as a kid, but honestly was never really into it. I found my love for singing throughout the years growing up and was lucky enough to start my music career during the beginning of the pandemic!

How does music satisfy your creativity differently than acting?

I feel like I have the most amount of creative freedom when it comes to finding new sounds and different ways to piece together lyrics and stories.

What was the process of writing and recording your EP Vision like?

I wrote and recorded one song at a time, and wanted to keep a similar vibe throughout each song! I’d do a writing session for each song followed by a recording session, and then move onto the next.

Do you have any more EPs or albums currently in the works?

I’m definitely planning to do another EP/ album at some point of this year, but right now I’m getting to release my next single!

Who are some of your favorite musicians?

The Weeknd, Chase Atlantic, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish.

Do you have a five year plan?

In my five years I hope to be working on film/tv, as well as doing live performances!


What new projects would you like to see Mila take on in 2022 and beyond? Let us know in the comments!

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