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We shine the spotlight on Mike W. Rogers, who won the Sci-Fi Feature Film Script prize in our 2018 screenwriting contest for 'Container'.

Screenwriter to Watch: Mike W. Rogers

Writing stories for the silver screen is an exciting idea. The thought of not only imagining a new world but seeing it come to life on screen is breathtaking. However, the road to evolving into a success story isn’t instant; neither is it insurmountable. Each month we celebrate the indie screenwriters who have taken the leap and are working towards achieving their dreams.

Today we are shining a spotlight on Mike W. Rogers, an awardwinner in our 2018 screenwriting contest. Mike won the Sci-Fi Feature Film Script category for his gripping screenplay Container. Here’s how our script readers described it:

“A trippy nightmare of a script I couldn’t put down”

“A technically well written script by someone who obviously understands how to engage and excite”

“I can’t wait to see this on screen when it gets optioned!”

Container’s logline reads like a classic mental thriller. “When a wanted man’s father dies, he spends five days in the back of a container truck to attend the funeral but soon finds himself paying for his crime, imprisoned in a hallucination-filled nightmare.”

Mike isn’t a one-script pony. He’s currently working on a script about his personal experiences and has gained plaudits from Hollywood Horror Fest, Crimson Screen Horror Fest, Black Solstice Circus Road Screenplay Contest, Emerging Screenwriters: Get it Made, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship, Fresh Voices Screenwriting Contest and more. Mike is always looking for collaborators, so feel free to reach out to him on Stage 32.

Michael William Lally Rogers was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in Newport, Rhode Island. The younger brother of a Navy S.E.A.L. and the son of a Dr. of Statistics from Stanford University, Mike stopped trying at an early age. 

Like most who have given up all hope of eclipsing their father’s or even older brother’s accomplishments, Mike turned to writing, more as a defense mechanism than some grandiose call to the written word. Born with dyslexia, the written word his nemesis, Mike’s compass points away from literature, “the unintelligible art”. 

But like a drunkard who can’t remember the previous evening’s embarrassment, he returns to his vixenous muse for assistance in expressing his inadequacies.

“I was an Archeology Major, Anthropology Minor at the University of New Mexico and have always been fascinated by ancient cultures. While in prep school, I spent several months living in Mexico City, where I visited the National Museum and the Mesoamerican pyramids at Teotihuacan. 

“This is where my imagination was truly sparked. I have always wanted to blend myth and reality into a modern sci-Fi adventure story.”

Mike’s currently working on the exciting sci-Fi story Mirror-Verse, and we absolutely can’t wait to read this new script when it’s finished. If you’re looking for a writer for your next project with imagination, skill, and technical excellence, then consider working with Mike.

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