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Sabastian Enges is committed to making dreams a reality, and with Fenix Consulting, he's navigated other entrepreneurs through growing their businesses.

Meet Sabastian Enges: Business Performance Coach and Biohacker

“The Meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

Just like the above quote, Sabastian Enges found his passion, followed it, and is now helping others attain their dreams as well. Sabastian is an entrepreneur, futurist, angel investor, business performance coach, and biohacker. He is also the CEO of Fenix Consulting Group.


Passionate about entrepreneurship, Sabastian carved a path for himself in the industry, and by age 21, he had raised $8.5 million for start-ups. He continued to soldier on, and by 25, he made his first million. However, he realized he wanted something much greater. In 2011, Fenix Consulting Group was born—a nationwide sales organization specializing in customer acquisition and increasing their clients’ market share.

Society mostly grades people on their past rather than their present and potential for the future. People have long been denied jobs due to the extensive experience and skills required. Realizing this trend, Fenix Consulting Group is redefining the industry.

 Instead of grading people on where they’ve been, Fenix Consulting is focused more on their character, work ethic, ambition, and integration of the individual. Similar to their mission, “win as a community, give back and continue to develop others,” Sabastian and his team are dedicated to helping their clients grow.

Additionally, Sabastian helps others better their lives and accelerate achieving their goals by giving them pro tips on self-empowerment, how to develop a growth mindset, and ways to unlock your ideal self.

Covid-19 has led to a high demand for PPE. This, in turn, led to an unregulated PPE market where items were being sold at exorbitant prices, more so when the virus was relatively new. Noticing the dire need for PPE, Fenix Consulting stepped in and chose to be the trusted source people were craving. By working to create relationships with buyers and sellers globally, they ensured quality and fair prices.

“It is crucial to learn how to create your own opportunities and always have a positive mindset to succeed. Likewise, you should build your brand based on customer satisfaction, not profit,” notes Sabastian. Even though one of the aims of starting a business is to generate profit, customer satisfaction should be your first priority.

Speaking of the challenges he has encountered, he recalls facing financial struggles in his twenties, and he ended up losing almost all his money. Even so, he did not give up on his dreams but instead focused on re-centering his life. In addition, he notes that to achieve success, you must persevere through the failures and put the lessons learned to good use.

Asked about future aspirations, Sabastian is looking to impact more lives by giving them tools and resources to think for themselves and take responsibility for their lives and futures. He is also looking to expand Fenix Consulting Group to other locations worldwide.

For your dreams to become a reality, you must have the courage and determination to chase them. Sabastian Enges believed in the beauty of his dreams, and by choosing not to settle for the ordinary, he made his dreams a reality, and you can too!

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