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Honing the craft: Get to know ‘Jane’ star Mason Blomberg

Mason Blomberg is a busy kid. The talented actor has appeared in a staggering number of notable projects, including Reno: 9-1-1: Lone Star and Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers. He will also play the lead role of David in the upcoming Apple TV series Jane. The show will follow David and the titular Jane (Ava Louise Murchison) as they team up to save endangered animals.

Film Daily was fortunate enough to sit down with Blomberg to discuss his career, his acting process, and his plans for the future. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about your history in acting. How did you get started?

I got started in the industry when I was around 7 years old. My mom signed me up for

Theater Camp because parents are always signing kids up for things to see what they like. Well, I loved it! So one day I asked my mom, “Hey, can I be on TV?” I would watch shows and thought it looked like it would be so much fun to be an actor! She signed me up for acting classes and it was even more fun than I imagined. I got an agent and a manager and then I started booking small roles like commercials and backgrounds. I kept working hard at my craft and the work paid off as I started getting bigger roles!

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

For me it’s probably the Rock because he is super funny, he’s a good actor and plus I can do the eyebrow just like him.

What initially drew you to the role of David in Jane?

What initially drew me to the role of David was how funny he was. He was always making punny jokes. As an actor, I love to play a comedic character. Also, David is always hungry so I got to eat a lot when I was filming.

You traveled the world for over a year to shoot the series. What was the most notable thing you learned along the way?

I learned how beautiful our world is and how many different ecosystems there are around the world. In each place, there are so many different animals and species that can thrive in only that area. I also realized, even more than before, that we have to do our part to help. When we were in Africa, I got to meet the last two remaining Northern white Rhinos. It is so hard that human action has led to their, soon to be, extinction. They are a good example of why we all need to do our part.

Do you feel like you have to relate to the characters that you play?

No, not necessarily but it is important to have at least one thing in common, so you feel a good connection with your character. The fun part of acting is you get to be someone

different from yourself.

What was the most difficult aspect of shooting Jane?

The hardest thing was acting with animals that weren’t really there. All the animals, including Greybeard, were added in by CGI in post-production. It was hard because I had to react to animals that weren’t really there. I also had to have an eye line for the animal which was difficult because I had to look at a random place on the floor/wall.

You’ve appeared in several notable films and shows, including Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers and 9-1-1: Lone Star. What makes Jane different from these other projects in your opinion?

Jane is all about saving the environment and it has lots and lots of CGI. We got to travel around the world to film which doesn’t happen that often for shows or movies. I love that Jane is going to showcase our Earth and its animals.

Do you have any tricks or routines to help yourself get into character?

I always put myself in the moment by thinking ” what would I do if this is real life”. It helps me get into character way easier than me just going into it trying to do it without feeling the emotion.

What is the biggest thing you want audiences to take away from Jane?

I want my audience to take away how important the environment is and that we only have one earth so we better protect it with all of our hearts. I also want kids to realize that they are not too small to help our environment and animals.

What has been your greatest professional achievement?

My biggest achievement is booking the role of David in Jane. It was an amazing experience. I got to travel around the world to film. Playing a lead role in an Apple Tv Plus series is a dream come true.

What about a professional setback? What did you learn from it?

A setback I had was when covid hit because for a year there were almost no auditions so I couldn’t do the thing I loved the most.

You became a vegetarian at age 7. How important is it for you to use your voice to spread awareness about animal rights?

It is very important that I use my voice. I have to use my voice to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. In this case it is the animals who need help so we must all work together to protect the environment. One of the reasons I was so excited to get this role was because it gives me a bigger platform to share this message with other kids.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

Acting is just like a sport, you have to practice to get better and to do that I recommend you enroll in acting classes. Also you do sit around in the green room for a while so bring a book or a game to pass time.

Who is the character you’ve enjoyed playing the most?

My favorite character that I played is David in Jane, because he is so funny. He is always hungry so, whenever he gets the chance, he eats a snack. He also loves to learn from Jane. You could say he’s hungry for food and hungry for knowledge. ;) He can also get kind of scared sometimes when he comes face-to-face with some of these animals or has to go on scary missions, but he brings levity to those situations by always cracking a joke and following it up by saying, “See what I did there?” David is like me in that I always love good old jokes because they can be so punny (yes punny not funny). 

What is your favorite show of all time?

I love Stranger Things. It is such a good TV series that has such amazing actors and CGI.

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