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Lights, color, accents, decoration: all these go into making your home go from drab to fab! Hallways can be challenging, but we make decorating easy here!

How to decorate your hallway?

Martha Stewart once said. “The hallway is the window to the impression for the rest of your home”. The saying is true. When it comes to the living room, it is the first space that guests or outsiders visit, which gives them an impression of your home decor style.

Other than the aesthetics and the way a hallway is arranged, colour plays a very important role. It can completely alter the way a person perceives your home decor. Even if you do not have fancy furniture, an excellent coloured hallway can set the tonality of your living space. The colour of the wall, furniture, curtains, floor mat; all these elements add to your hallway’s colour quotient.

Are you struggling to find the best ways to decorate the hallway for the festive season or get-togethers? If yes, then check out the amazing ideas to decorate the hallway. You can also add hallway-inspired wall art to create a welcoming interior for your guests and friends. Decorate the hallway with the unique items as it is the most important part of your home.

Before we dive into the ideas of adding colour to your hallway, you must decide if it matches your personality and the vibe which you want to create. After all, your living spaces are a reflection of what you are inside.

With no further beating around the bush, here are the five ideas with which you can decorate your hallway :

  1. Green with a dash of florals

If you want the minimalist shade but with a dash of spring season aesthetics, a green wall with floral print curtains and furniture is the best combination. It is pleasant to the eyes and gives home and welcoming vibe to your hallway space. It will be like walking just into a garden of flowers, but just in your home.

1. Seasonal colour

The colours of the season can completely transform your hallway.

For summers you can choose yellow. For the fall season, it can have hues of orange. Seasonal colours give a bright look to the hallway

2. Use art or furniture to add the colourful quotient

You may feel that adding colour to the wall is just not your style. Well, in that case, you can still have a bright hallway by using colourful art pieces and furniture. 

On all white walls, you can have bold and colourful frames of paintings. It can create an artistic vibe in your hallway. You can also choose to have colourful furniture in your hallway, creating a contrasting effect. It is also less expensive.

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3. Colour neutrality with aesthetics

Neutral colours such as beige and brown make the hallway look elegant. It is not over the top and can easily be blended with furniture and curtains without any extra effort.

4. Colour blocking

Colour blocking is all about experimenting and having fun with your imagination. The right colour blocking for your hallway can make it stand out. The best way to colour block your hallway is to blend mellow and bright colours.

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1. Go Earthy

Earthy Colours for the hallway give a very artistic vibe. It creates a calming effect on the walls as if you are in a retreat. Decorate your hallway in brick or terracotta colours to get the earthy colour and mood.

2. Use stencils

Stencil designs are a great way to decorate your hallway. You can get the desired gains and patterns if you have not found the right paint colours.

Many people these days are choosing not to spend on paints and use stencil designs to decorate the hallway in their own way. The chessboard stencil design looks great if you want to depict a sporty vibe into the hallway. Sometimes the hives or the tiles stencil designs can also depict a subtle and a professional vibe in the hallway

Remember that your hallway is a blank canvas when you start. The vibrant colours that you choose should have an uplifting effect on the vibe of the room. What you feel you are, that colour should be best reflected in the walls and aesthetics of your hallway.

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