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Top 10 Ways to Learn Astrology

Did the question ask: How to learn Vedic astrology? Not the generalized Sun-sign stuff that you simply realize in newspapers and magazines, but serious astrology. The advanced type is where you may ensure specific data of a few of a person’s life through the observation of the planets and various celestial phenomena.

Perhaps you knew that their square measure tons further to astrology than just knowing what your zodiac sign is and you’d wish to grasp but you may learn further regarding the subject.


What follows a unit of measurement 10 recommendations on entirely completely different steps that you simply can take and resources you may use to start out learning star divination?

Once you’ve completed these steps you want to get on your due to turning into an Associate in Nursing associate predictor. So, let’s begin with the first tip for how to learn astrology:

1. Acquire a duplicate of Your Birth Certificate:-

First things first: visit the Astrodienst website at and acquire a duplicate of your birth chart. A birth chart is a diagram that depicts the positions of the planets at the time of a person’s birth. and this chart is the elementary basis regarding everything that astrologers do, so obtaining a duplicate of your birth chart clearly should be your beginning.

Astrodienst could also be a very important website for many astrologers as a result of the supply and spread of free services, along with chart calculation.

To urge a duplicate of your chart from visit their “Horoscope Drawings & Calculations” section, thus click Chart Drawing, Ascendant. It’ll raise you if you want to make a free account or just use a guest account. Either one will work.

2. Use online pseudoscience Resources for Free:-

The next step once you have got your birth chart is to start learning the simplest way to interpret it, to figure out what it means. Thus, you are attending to wish for some relief. The foremost effective issue to try at this early stage is to start attempting the in around at no cost resources merely that you just simply can use to out regarding the chart and turn out you with some interpretations of it.

3. Purchase an oversized range of pseudoscience books and skim voraciously:-

When it comes all the way down to it, the overwhelming majority of the actual knowledge on a fallacy is contained not on websites and blogs, but in books.

Usually, it’s safest to start out with some basic introductory books, then work you’re so much into the extra advanced stuff. Here unit some useful introductory books for getting started in astrology:

  • The Essential Guide to sensible pseudoscience
  • Parker’s pseudoscience
  • Cosmos and Psyche
  • On the Heavenly Spheres


4. The way to browse the annual and Track Your Transits:-

One useful issue that beginning students can begin doing directly is following their transits and getting a general set up of where the planet’s unit of measurement is among the sky at any given time.

The birth chart is a variety of associate degree exposure of where all of the planets were once you were born, and “transits” units of measurement this or future positions of the planets among the sky on a specific date.

The positions of the planets are captive from their original positions since you were born, and these movements have a significance regarding what is going to happen throughout your life.

5. Examine Your Friends’ and Family’s Birth Charts:-

Once you have gotten the fundamental mechanics of your chart down and you have begun to gather along with interpretations and follow your transits every day, you must begin browsing constant methods with the charts of friends and members of the family.

Get their birth information, and calculate their chart. Get interpretations of their birth chart placements, and note any ways in which those placements replicate the fact of every person’s life.

6. Online forums allow you to connect with other astrologers:-

Sometimes students of star divination encounter issues within the early part of their studies as a result of it will be troublesome to search out people UN agencies have an interest in learning the topic fully. As a result of this, many folks find themselves learning the topic in virtual isolation for years.

The easiest thanks to acting with people UN agency associate interest} in star divination is to affix a pseudoscience forum online. There are many forums and mailing lists around the net. The trick is simply to search out an honest one, or a minimum of one that you just jive well with.

7. Meet Other Astrologers in Your Area:-

Talking with folks online is nice, however, eventually, it’ll be time to travel out and truly converge with different astrologers personally and begin to act with the broader pseudoscience community. For many astrologers, this typically involves attending native conferences.

In any given town there’s typically a minimum of one cluster of astrologers that meets monthly so as to speak concerning pseudoscience. Most of those monthly conferences revolve around a 75-minute lecture on some pseudoscience topic that’s conferred either by a guest speaker from out of the city or by an area forecaster World Health Organization makes a specialist of that topic. 

Usually, these conferences are organized under the auspices of an area pseudoscience organization.

8. Take Some Classes on Astrology:-

Once you have met another astrologer or a black magic specialist and gotten a number of the fundamentals of pseudoscience down, you ought to accept taking some categories somewhere. Having some steering from somebody with expertise during this space may be unbelievably useful, and it hastens the educational method so you’ll be covering additional ground than if you were simply teaching yourself.

There are several opportunities for taking categories counting on what your schedule is like and the way a lot of you’re willing to conceive to it. The simplest issue to try and do is to rise around in your space and see if anyone is giving any native categories on pseudoscience.

9. Join an Astrological Organization:-

Their area unit variety of pseudoscience organizations got wind of everywhere the globe to assist, promote pseudoscience and connect astrologers. Some organizations concentrate on specific things or area units geared towards a particular purpose, whereas others area units simply got wind of to assist build it easier for astrologers to attach with each other.

10. Attend an Astrology Conference:-

The final step is to attend an associate degree pseudoscience conference. These conferences are an enormous deal to several best Indian astrologer as a result of the supply of vital networking and academic opportunities. Some area units did frequently at specific intervals, like once a year, whereas others area units were solely one-time events.


Well, that’s it. Once you’ve completed all of those steps you must be on your thanks to turning into an Associate in nursing soothsayer. It’s going to look like a frightening challenge initially, however with a little bit of patience and dedication, you must be decoding charts sort of a professional in no time. Good luck!

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