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Kimberly Meredith's new book is changing lives and helping people heal. Discover 'Awakening to the Fifth Dimension' and begin your healing journey.

Awaken to new healing possibilities with Kimberly Meredith’s new book

Everyone is looking for healing. Whether it’s sickness, physical injury, or emotional pain, we all have something that we need help to heal from, and there’s a new book on the market that could make all of our problems a thing of the past. Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing by Kimberly Meredith offers hope, happiness, and healing to people living through troubling times.

Between the pandemic, political turmoil, and social reckoning on all kinds of issues, stress & anxiety have never been higher for people. Kimberly Meredith’s book is an invitation to slow down, take a deep breath, and truly begin the process of healing. Meredith is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual healer. Her skills have changed thousands of lives, and her book could change yours.

If you’re suffering and looking for relief, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension could be the perfect book for you. The best time to work on your healing is right now, and Kimberly Meredith’s book is a perfect place to start. Come with us for an inside look at Meredith’s work and the insights that her new book has to offer.

Medical intuitive

Kimberly Meredith began her journey as a spiritual healer back in 2013. Two near death experiences gave her a profound insight & connection with the spiritual powers that imbue our world with life. Since then, Meredith has explored her new knowledge and her growing abilities while spreading healing energy to everyone that she comes into contact with. She reaches out to others via her YouTube channel and her hit radio show The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show.

Again and again, Kimberly Meredith has used her spiritual connection to offer healing to individuals. She’s an advocate for self care, reflection, and deep personal growth, and her work helps us all to reach those lofty goals. Meredith works to heal not just the emotional problems that people face but also their physical & medical ailments. Now she’s taking things a step further and placing that healing into your hands with her book.

The Fifth Dimension

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing is an invitation to explore the innate spiritual connections that link us all and can help lead us to greater healing. In a world ravaged by so many kinds of conflict, Kimberly Meredith’s book offers a much needed message of hope for ourselves and our future. There’s never been a better time to explore the possibilities of spiritual healing.

The book had a pre-launch party as Los Angeles’s hottest downtown event venue, Wisdome. Attendees included writers, Emmy nominees, and activists of all kinds. They had the opportunity to experience Kimberly Meredith’s incredible abilities firsthand, but that was only the beginning. Now her message will reach even further as Awakening to the Fifth Dimension is read and shared between people all over the world.

The book is currently available online at all major retailers. Get your very own copy and begin your amazing healing journey today.

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