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Justin Colby is a successful real estate investor who has tips on how to pursue a career in the real estate field. Learn more here.

Justin Colby Reveals the Reality Behind Being A Real Estate Investor

Being a real estate investor can be both rewarding and fulfilling. Many real estate moguls have become millionaires and attained financial freedom through this profession. This is because, with the right investing decisions, a steady flow of cash can be obtained. This inevitably leads to long-term financial security. There’s also a sense of satisfaction that investors feel when they find a lucrative property for the right price or flip a once-dilapidated structure into something beautiful.

The benefits that you can get from being a real estate investor don’t end there. For instance, you don’t have to worry much about inflation, and you can even be your own boss. However, behind all the rewards that come with the profession, making it big in the industry can be difficult. Justin Colby, a real estate investor for more than 14 years, shares the truth everyone interested in pursuing the career must know.

For those planning to be a real estate investor, be informed that the start can be very challenging. This is also for beginners who are already going through a lot despite not having gone far yet. More challenges await you in the future of your career, and it will take a lot of dedication and hard work to overcome them.

In Justin’s case, he suffered a great deal at the start of his career. He became broke, which led to losing his car and his home due to foreclosure. This is why, for quite some time, he had to sleep on his friend’s couch. Even then, he believed that if he continued to work hard, everything would be worth it. As you can see from how successful he is now, you can conclude that he was right.

This leads to another hard truth about real estate investing: it will take a lot of patience. Justin has spent 14 years in the industry and is now a renowned investor. You can see his progress on Facebook and Instagram, yet he still has more in store for him in the future. In this profession, you can become a millionaire, but it won’t happen overnight. It’s a slow process, and it’s a given that it may involve many losses.

Before becoming an investor, you should understand that it won’t necessarily be easy. Therefore, don’t take every shortcoming as a reason to give up. Instead, absorb as much knowledge as you can from that experience. There was also a point in Justin’s career when he didn’t know any better and ended up losing deals. However, he treated it as an opportunity to learn and used the information later on.

This is also where the role of mentors comes in handy. You don’t have to fail every time just to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Instead, you can take the advice of experienced professionals and save yourself from unnecessary struggles and consequences. For this reason, Justin started “The Science of Flipping” podcast, where he provides mentorship to real estate investors aiming to be successful.

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