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Jonathan Kvicky is a young entrepreneur with some advice for becoming financially independent. Find out what secrets he's willing to share right here.

“Know Your Talents, Build Extra Means Of Income” Says Jonathan Kvicky

Who does not like an extra source of income, especially when it is something that you either enjoy doing or you are already involved in as your main field of career?

Jonathan Kvicky is an individual who resides in Los Angeles CA, working as an efficient senior software engineer for Sony PlayStation. He is very good at his work, and he has also taken up some other tasks which count as his side hustle, eventually making him financially stable and giving him the financial freedom to start up many more businesses that he particularly sees the potential in.

The main reasons why Jonathan is very inclined towards having some side jobs is because of the following reasons,

  • The requirement to have financial freedom and financial stability, which is desirable for a lot of individuals.
  • Clearing of debts if any
  • Creation of diversity and creation of jobs, since people usually adopt some small businesses to work on as side jobs
  • Avoiding risk and minimalizing the risk factor, since people are more stable and they do not expose themselves two such unfortunate circumstances

Jonathan Kvicky was only 18 years old when he started his entrepreneurship projects, and his very first business was that of a PR firm which proved to be extremely successful for him. However, he did not just stop here, he went forward to also contribute to the development of a top news aggregator website that is involved in the world of fashion. The fashion industry is also ever-changing and expanding, this is the kind of dynamic industry that people are usually afraid of, but Jonathan Kvicky has worked in this for a very long time to build his portal. It not only brings together potential clothing companies but also clients who connect for mutual gains.

As mentioned earlier, Jonathan Kvicky has the main task of being an outstanding software engineer for Sony PlayStation, and this is one of his dream jobs since he likes to invest in technology projects and platforms.

Jonathan managed to have a profit of $1,000,000 after investing about $20,000 while trading, this also counts as a side hustle that brought him a lot of revenue. Jonathan Kvicky is a living practical example of how people can actually be more financially independent in the present times rather than worrying about losing their jobs, they will certainly be thrilled about having some time off if such a mishap takes place.

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