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Joel Michaely is a wildly versatile actor with dozens of projects set for 2021. Learn more about the talented Michaely here.

Actor Joel Michaely is Going to Steal the Show in 2021

Joel Michaely may not be a household name, but he’s a household face. The multitalented actor has graced a number of beloved films over the years, including Rules of Attraction and the teen classic Can’t Hardly Wait. Michaely has only grown in esteem as his career has progressed, however, and he’s slated to appear in six projects in 2020, six more in 2021, and two after that in 2022. You could go as far as to call it a Michaely renaissance.

Michaely recently appeared as Jimmy the Bookie in the film Lansky. The historical mob epic stars Harvey Keitel and Sam Worthington, and is streaming across all digital platforms, as well as VOD and select theatres, domestically and internationally.  Michaely’s character shines as a con man who tries to pull a fast one on the mob and fails miserably. Memorable as he was here, the actor shines even brighter in the new film Vanquish.

Vanquish is a Lionsgate thriller starring Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose. Michaely has a limited role as an eccentric villain, but he absolutely steals the show and has been showered with praise by the likes of Us Weekly and Variety. “There’s the all-too-brief appearance of Joel Michaely as Rayo, an outrageously swishy drug lord whom Victoria encounters on one of her ‘stops.’ The character may not be politically correct, but Michaely provides the film with its only levity and liveliness”, the former writes.

Arriving on the heels of these films is The Comeback Trail, an action comedy that was postponed due to COVID-19. Michaely plays Andre, a bossy first AD who is working on the film within the film, and he’ll get a chance to share the screen with a staggeringly deep cast made up of Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones, Emile Hirsch and Zach Braff. It doesn’t get more star-studded than this, so be sure to check for The Comeback Trail when it releases later this summer.

If that weren’t enough, Michaely is also set to appear in The Card Counter, the new drama by celebrated director Paul Schrader. The actor will play Ronnie, a man who enters a poker championship against the film’s star, Oscar Isaac. The Card Counter is set for release on September 10, 2021 through Focus Features.

Rounding out Michaely’s head-spinning roster are the films Wild Indian and You Are My Home. The former stars Jesse Eisenberg, Michael Greyeyes and Kate Bosworth, and tells the story of two men who learn to confront a traumatic secret they share involving the murder of a schoolmate. It will hit theatres and digital in fall 2021. The latter is a Netflix Christmas film that will see Michaely star opposite Alyssa Milano.

In addition to his versatility as an actor, Michaely is a proud member of the LGBT community who gave a celebrated performance as a gay man in the cult classic But I’m a Cheerleader. Michaely is proud of the legacy of that film, as well as the ways in which the film has encouraged people to accept themselves.

Joel Michaely is poised to have a monster 2021, and given the boundless enthusiasm he has for the artform, we can’t wait to see what projects he lines up next.

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