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Leveraging immersive storytelling, EarthxInteractive’s projects aim to provide attendees with first-person insight for lasting environmental change.

Immersive storytelling explores environmental issues at EarthxInteractive

EarthxInteractive Film Festival
April 26-28, 2019
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

EarthxInteractive is EarthxFilm’s exhibition of immersive storytelling designed to raise awareness for global environmental issues. Held during EarthX in Dallas, it hosts the world’s largest lineup of eco-interactive programming, presenting scores of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences, exhibits, and workshops from top creators, environmental organizations and technology partners.

Leveraging the transformative power of immersive storytelling to evoke emotion and spark empathy, EarthxInteractive’s lineup of narrative, documentary, and hybrid projects aim to provide attendees with the knowledge and first-person insight to play a part in lasting environmental change.

Held during the world’s largest Earth Day Celebration and expo, EarthX in Dallas on April 26-28, the lineup of immersive content includes experiences that transport attendees onto the front lines of global activism, including protecting endangered species and ecosystems,  anti-poaching efforts to end whale hunts, exploring outer space with NASA, rescuing a baby elephant, helping with ocean cleanups, and beyond.

The “you-are-there” feeling immersive technology creates is unmatched for impact by any 2D medium. Not only can it open viewers’ eyes to different perspectives, but it can instantly transport someone’s awareness to any place in the world. This type of educational experience has shown to spark empathy and lead people to act on global issues.

It’s one thing to know and read about humans inflicting irreversible damage upon the natural world, but it’s quite another to learn based on a sensory experience: seeing, hearing, and physically acting on what’s happening in the environment of the animals and plants at the front lines of drought, fire, hunting, and the melting of ice caps.

“Interactive experiences such as virtual reality and augmented reality harness the transformative power to truly permeate the minds of viewers through an unprecedented level of intimacy and immediacy with the content,” notes EarthxFilm President Michael Cain. “Viewers are able to educate themselves in a way that truly allows them to put themselves in these environments and oftentimes sparks the drive to affect change.

“We have the honor of showcasing filmmakers, causes and tech partners on the front lines of protecting endangered species and ecosystems – from wildlife anti-poaching efforts and ending whale hunts to baby elephant rescues and ocean cleanups,” notes EarthxFilm’s Director of Interactive Programming + Partnerships Tiffany Kieran.

“We want people to fall in love with nature and not just watch conservation efforts for dolphins, turtles, and coral reefs, but feel like they are fully immersed and part of the efforts. We have seen how these experiences drive real-life action.”

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Whale image credit: Lynton Burger

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