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'How to Hack Birth Control' is an upcoming comedy pilot that you won't want to miss. Get excited for your next favorite bingeable TV series.

Sassy Mohen presents new pilot ‘How to Hack Birth Control’

The latest binge worthy infotainment series is finally here. “How to Hack Birth Control” is kicking off the How to Hack series. Part sketch comedy, part late-night news How to Hack is going to lighten your mood amidst the doom & gloom of the modern news cycle. The series presents a unique view on a swath of issues and brings together comedy, graphics, and snappy writing to get its point across.

“How to Hack Birth Control” is a three part pilot episode to kick off the first season. Narrated by Xanthe Paige, the episode aims to teach viewers how to navigate choices around contraception and to make these issues easier to talk about openly. The episode fearlessly dives into a wide variety of “don’t talk about it” scenarios to fully explore the questions that most women are taught to be afraid to ask.

If lively, purposeful satire is right up your alley, then How to Hack is absolutely going to become one of your new favorites. Directed by Sassy Mohen, each episode combines storytelling, reporting, and hearty helpings of humor to illuminate its topic. Whether you’re here to learn something new or are just looking to escape the day with a few laughs, why not take a closer look at “How to Hack Birth Control”?


How to Hack is looking for a ray of optimism, looking to change the narrative when so often people are fed cynicism. By combining sketches, absurd computer graphics, and everything from musical numbers to game show segments, each episode of the series opens up an important topic with an approach that will leave you feeling more capable & hopeful.

The show’s pilot episode examines the world of contraceptives with wry humor, an inventive structure, and plenty of heart. “How to Hack Birth Control” is broken into three parts. The episode weaves together different situations & characters to introduce multiple perspectives on the questions it’s addressing. The format is as effective as it is addictive and endlessly entertaining.

As the season continues, How to Hack won’t shy away from the most important issues of the day. From fake news to voting rights, the rise of fascism to ecological crisis, the series will crack open every subject while aiming to educate, entertain, and inspire.

Directed by…

How to Hack is helmed by acclaimed director Sassy Mohen. Her first independent feature film Happy Holidays was a smash success. In 2017 Mohen partnered with FX’s online channel AOK as writer, director, and producer of its comedy shorts. Since then she’s also worked in commercial directing with numerous brands, businesses, apps, and colleges.

Mohen recently released her latest short film Fear Actually to rave reviews and wide acclaim. Now her attention is focused on the upcoming How to Hack series. Currently in post production, it won’t be long before How to Hack is scheduled to appear on a scree near you this winter. This is one to watch.

Will you be watching How to Hack when it becomes available? What topics do you hope to see the season tackle?

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