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'Hidden Canyons' is an LGBTQ+ soap drama micro-series that is pairing an inventive format with riveting storytelling. Meet your new favorite series.

‘Hidden Canyons’ is changing television forever

These days there are countless ways to create a new series and get it released to an audience. Because of that, more people are finding innovative formats for storytelling than ever before. A new show is combining underrepresented stories with a structure like you’ve never seen before. Hidden Canyons is a micro-series airing its episodes on TikTok and blowing audiences away with each passing minute.

Hidden Canyons is an LGBTQ+ soap opera filled with unforgettable characters and jaw dropping twists and turns. Each episode is just a minute long, but they all pack a major punch. The series is changing how people think about media & storytelling in the digital age, and it’s pioneering a whole new way of creating hit shows. On top of that, it’s giving representation to LGBTQ+ stories, characters, and performers.

The first season of Hidden Canyons debuted to major acclaim. The show won Best Episodic at Outfest 2020, and it was an Official Selection at New Fest 2020. It also brought in more than 3.5 million viewers on TikTok. The show tells stories about queer and trans people who are fully realized characters with desires, struggles, and relationships that are constantly in flux.

Season 1 contains twenty-six minute-long episodes. They go by in a flash, but they leave a major impression on viewers. Each episode manages to introduce characters, develop some plotlines, and end with a gut-punching cliffhanger that leaves you dying for the next episode to drop. This pioneering format could become the future of television as more & more people move their eyes to social platforms populated by shorter content.

Hidden Canyons was created by Brant Rotnem. He wrote the episodes, and he also produces & directs the series. Rotnem works alongside co-director Fawzia Mirza, and the two have created a visual style and clipped pace that works like a charm on TikTok and still delivers all the narrative excitement of a traditional television show.

The show has an incredible cast. The actors include Sufe Bradshaw (VEEP’s Sue Wilson), Daytime-Emmy-nominee Sean Samuels (GIANTS the Series), Tonatiuh (VIDA’s Marcos Zamora), Jeremy Glazer (Rust Creek, Modern Family, 9-1-1), Brant Rotnem (13 Reasons Why), Jackson Davis (VIDA, NCIS), Jamie Renee Smith (Weeds, True Blood), and Sean-James Murphy (Danger 5, Neighbors). The talented cast shines in every minute of the series.

The entirety of Hidden Canyons Season 1 is currently available to stream on TikTok. After you’ve binged your way through the season, you’ll be dying for more, and luckily for you, Season 2 is officially airing now. New episodes drop online every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so you’ll be able to catch up with your favorite characters right away.

Hidden Canyons is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Your idea of television is about to be changed forever, and you’re also going to find new characters that you can cheer on, or cheer against, with every passing minute. Make sure that you don’t sleep on this bite-sized series. Head over to TikTok and catch the latest Hidden Canyons episode today.

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