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Taking risks: Get to know ‘Snow Day’ actress Fabi Aguirre

Fabi Aguirre is on the ascent. The actress has been performing her entire life, but her recent output of projects is putting her on the fast track to becoming a household name. She’s already and dazzled fans in Broadway productions of Les Miserables and On Your Feet! and most recently, she starred in the Paramount + film Snow Day.

Film Daily has the good fortune of sitting down with Aguirre to discuss her flourishing career, her time on Broadway, and her plans for the future! Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about your journey as an actress. How did you get started? 

I have been singing my entire life. At 3 years old, I started putting up shows for friends and family, but I was always very shy. When I was 6, I started watching videos of Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess in The Phantom of the Opera, and I knew I wanted to be a singer from that moment. I also knew I wanted to be an actress when I went to see Annie on Broadway, when I was 7. From there on out, I took multiple singing lessons over the years, and acting classes too.

Who were your biggest acting influences growing up? 

I would say theatrically, my favorite acting influences would have to be Lea Michele, Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Idina Menzel, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Lea Salonga, and Kristen Chenoweth. In TV/Film, my biggest acting influences would have to be Kate Winslet, Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg, and Matt Damon.

You star in the new Nickelodeon film Snow Day. What initially drew you to the part of Lane? 

I immediately fell in love with this character as soon as I read her description. Lane is such a fun, outgoing, sassy, sarcastic, and lovable girl, who would ultimately go to the ends of the earth for her best friend, Hal Brandston. When she realizes her feelings towards Hal have shifted, and doesn’t know what to do, she is willing to take huge risks, such as potentially ending her friendship with Hal if his feelings were not reciprocated, and I think that’s what made me fall in love with her persona even more. 

I was not much of a risk taker, myself, or as fearless as Lane, but playing her allowed me to take bigger risks, and not be afraid of what the outcome could be.

You have an impressive resume of Broadway credits, including Les Misérables and On Your Feet! How does acting on stage differ from acting on screen? 

Thank you so much! Acting on stage is very different from acting on screen because on stage, you only get one shot, and that’s it. It’s live! For TV/Film, it’s always good to go back and redo takes, till we get the take that we all feel most comfortable with. With that being said, both types of acting include intense character study, and being able to become connected to the role that you are playing, in order to portray them.

Do you have routines or exercises to help yourself get into character? 

I most definitely do! When I got the breakdown to audition for Lane, and since we didn’t have a script at the time, I made assumptions about her, as to why she was motivated to help her best friend, and why she felt it was important to tell Hal how she feels. I had to understand why she did these things, and also creating a backstory about her family, since we don’t get to see Lane’s family, helps me feel more connected to her, so I can dive into her motives deeper.

Do you find it easier to play characters that you have a personal connection with? 

I believe that you always have to try to achieve a certain connection with your character because it will help a lot in your delivery. Even if you do not relate to the character at all, it’s important to find that connection so that you, as an actor, and you, as the character you are portraying, feel in sync.

How was it working with Snow Day director Michael Lembeck, who previously helmed films like The Santa Clause 2 and Tooth Fairy

It was truly the biggest honor getting to work with Micheal Lembeck. I grew up watching Friends, and The Santa Clause 2 and 3, so I was definitely a bit starstruck when I worked with him during the audition process, and when I got to meet him in person, but he made me feel so welcome. He would also always tell us on set stories of Friends, and The Santa Clause movies, gave us some amazing pep talks, and life/career advice, and ultimately, was just a funny, and bright light on set. 

He was always so ecstatic to start shooting, and would make this shoot all that much fun. Micheal, and Samantha Martin, one of our incredible writers of this film, all0wed me to have so much freedom when it came to Lane’s delivery, and portraying her, and for that, I am forever grateful.

You are a Florida native. What was it like shooting in the Montreal cold? 

Well, I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, grew up in Miami, Florida but lived in New York City for 2 years, so I definitely had some snow days, but just completely forgot how cold the winter can get! We would always have slips, slides, and falls during shooting which made this film outtakes hysterical! During one of our scenes, we got about 6 different weather fronts during the entire afternoon of filming! It was so much fun, especially getting to dance and sing in the snow.

What is the main lesson you want audiences to take away from Snow Day

The main lesson I want audiences to take away from Snow Day is that anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself. Don’t ever be afraid to take risks! You never know just how phenomenal the outcome could be.

What has been your greatest professional achievement? 

I believe my greatest professional achievement would have to be just getting to learn, and work with all these incredibly talented people. I’ve gotten to meet, and work, with some of my idols over the past couple of years, and learning from them, and meeting my best friends along the way, especially working on Snow Day, has just been the biggest reward I could ever receive.

What about a professional setback? What did you learn? 

I learned to never discourage myself. Whenever a door closed on me, I had to remember that there was always going to be another one open. I just had to be patient.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t performing? 

When I’m not performing, I love to workout, do yoga, meditate, journal, and bake. I want to start crocheting, too!

Can you tell us about any other upcoming projects? 

As of right now, I am planning to finish my senior year of high school a couple of months early, work on some original music, as well as audition!

What advice do you have for aspiring actors? 

Don’t ever give up. It sounds over-used, I know, but trust me that when one door closes, there will always be another one open. Be patient with yourself, and don’t listen to the haters. If you believe in yourself, and you are confident that you can achieve your dreams, and you work SOOO hard, I promise you, it will happen, and that’s all that matters.

Lastly, what is your favorite holiday movie of all time? 

My favorites, because I could never choose only one, would definitely be the Santa Clauses, Home Alone 1 and 2, and Christmas with the Kranks! Oh, and a little fun movie called Snow Day, haha!

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