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Dr. Enfry Salas is a cosmetic surgeon who also has a notable presence as an online influencer. Learn more about Dr. Salas here.

Cosmetic surgeons as Influencers: Dr. Enfry Salas weighs in

The relationship between cosmetic surgery and social media influencers have opened an unlimited amount of connections to the world. Today, popular and more prominent celebrities and cosmetic surgeons are sharing the experience of both surgical and non-surgical beauty hacks with millions of followers. For centuries, physical appearance has always been an important aspect of personal identity, and the use of social media has increased the interest and need for more advanced, yet attainable cosmetic procedures.

Maintaining a balance between the use of social media and influencers as a way to ‘advertise’ cosmetic surgery, whether surgical or non-surgical, can be extremely difficult to adhere to. In a recent conversation with Dr. Enfry Salas, a non-surgical facial cosmetics doctor and the founder of Enfry Clinic, we were able to gain a more insider opinion and review about cosmetic surgeons as influencers. 

What are the benefits of being an influencers and cosmetic surgeon? 

A study conducted in 2017, on the top 100 Twitter influencers revealed that 61% are board-certified plastic surgeons, 16% are international plastic surgeons, 10% are medical doctors, and 13% were nonphysicians. Although the academic research in this field has yet seen much traction, a closer look at non-surgical cosmetic influencers can reveal an overall increase in demand.

Work conducted by Dr. Enfry Salas, a specialist in the field, with clinics in both Spain and the Dominican Republic, allow him to reach an interested audience on a wider scale. Using social media in this way can make these topics more comfortable in everyday conversation. Through these means, Dr. Salas can promote his profession in a knowledgeable and competent manner.

Having professionals, in this case, cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Salas allows for accurate and more trustworthy content to be shared. It opens channels of communication between patients and surgical professions, allowing them to inform, educate, and garner trust. The benefits of being an influencer and cosmetic surgeon have yet been established, but morally it can redefine our understanding of sociocultural influences. 

How do cosmetic surgeons use influencer media to their advantage?

Dr. Enfry Salas has used his skills and knowledge as a trained specialist to not only bring service to patients – but use it as a tool to educate. His platform and presence on social media have allowed him to share valuable information, connect better with his clients, and openly share a level of professionalism. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for every cosmetic surgeon influencer. Although the use of influencer marketing has become extremely lucrative, adding value to big brands and increasing sales – social media connects everyone from anywhere.

It has become a way for businesses and companies to easily share their products and services. Cosmetic surgeons as influencers could perhaps act as a way for interested patients to better understand the field. It can shift the perception which has overshadowed the industry for years and allows it to become more integrated with society.

Social media has also put the field of surgical cosmetics under immense pressure. Albeit the work or road towards change is still a long one, the work conducted by professionals such as Dr Salas shows that improvements can be made, allowing for a more comfortable and open channel of knowledge, and understanding. 

Why should cosmetic surgeons become social media influencers? 

A concrete answer to this might not be black and white, but it depends on which side of the sociocultural towards cosmetic surgery you face. Influencers have big leverage on their fans and followers, and if a semi-professional person can change the opinions of so many people – imagine what cosmetic surgeons can do. 

Dr. Enfry Salas, who has now grown to become a global practitioner and influencer for non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures has given traction to the resilience of the field. Maintaining a high level of professionalism, while at the same time acting as a liaison between the industry and interested patients – social media can open a world of change and knowledge. 

The Enfry Clinic has highlighted an important aspect of social culture which has now seen immense growth in recent months and global support. For more information regarding Dr. Enfry Salas and the Enfry Clinic, you can visit them online.

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