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With his latest generation, Kai Kaldro has released a cyberpunk manifesto for our generation. Make sure to put 'Dissolved Girl' on your watch list.

Take a trip to the future with Kai Kaldro’s ‘Dissolved Girl’

Imagine a world populated by machines that are indistinguishable from human beings. Young people are disenchanted with a society marked by political turmoil, and computer hackers are the scapegoat for corporations and police. That is the world of Dissolved Girl, a new short film from talented independent filmmaker Kai Kaldro. The film follows hacker Lenore Warner and undercover machine cop Val McGinnis.

Dissolved Girl combines the noir undertones of Blade Runner with the sensibilities of The Matrix. The film is produced by Dawnarc in association with Dark Mind/Paralysis Productions. It was written & directed by Kai Kaldro and stars Alexandra Faye Sadeghian, Ivelaw Peters, and Elvira Levin.

Kaldro has said the film “is a cyberpunk manifest that seeks to win the hearts of audience members who are misjudged and predisposed in this cynical, divide, digitally-marred the future.” If that sounds like you, then Dissolved Girl is a film you won’t want to miss. Before you see the movie for yourself, catch up on all the latest details here.

Kai Kaldro

Indie filmmaker Kai Kaldro has been the force behind projects like Jimothy: What’s in A Name?, Sinner’s Lullaby, and RANN: Meant To Be. Born in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York, Kaldro began pursuing his filmmaking dreams when he was just sixteen years old. Since beginning his career, Kaldro has produced numerous short films and music videos, attended the New York Film Academy, and begun working on his first feature.

Kaldro adapted his work on Sinner’s Lullaby to create a feature length debut. Along the way he created and filmed the extraordinary cyberpunk thrill ride that his Dissolved Girl. At just twenty-one years old, Kaldro has already proved that he’s a creator worth paying attention to. He is a writer, director, and editor with a keen sense of style and a dedication to pursuing unique & entrancing stories.

Dissolved Girl

Kaldro’s latest short takes place in a world where humanities anxieties about technology have never been higher. Machines work alongside humans, indistinguishable from their counterparts in a world so  saturated by tech. Major corporations do their best to control social & cultural life, while young hackers do everything in their power to disrupt the status quo.

Lenore Warner is a misunderstood hacker who goes by the alias Dissolved Girl. She partners with Val McGinnis, an undercover cop and human-like machine. Together the two of them will risk everything to expose a cyber crime that will rock their futuristic world to its core. Opposing them is the cyborg Talia Tramell, cyborg and CEO of the InTramell Virtual Reality Company.

We’re calling all fans of sci-fi, action adventures, and cop dramas. This is a film for you, and there’s so much more to come from filmmaker Kai Kaldro. Wherever you are, try to see Dissolved Girl today, and keep an eye on Kaldro, who’s surely just at the beginning of a career that will span decades and provide us with hours of entertaining film. That is, unless the machines manage to get us all first.


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