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Delos Chang was a self-made millionaire by age twenty-five. Find out what he has to say about finding your life's meaning and making your own path.

Delos Chang: Inventing Your Own Life’s Meaning Isn’t Easy, But Rewarding

The world is full of different beliefs, expectations, and values, making it difficult to find your own path. However, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is, are you leading life to please others, or are you living a life based on your own beliefs and values?

Different people have different passions and goals in life. Therefore, investing in finding your own life’s meaning is essential. While it’s not an easy path, it’s a path worth taking. Motivated by his favorite quote by Bill Watterson, “to invent your own life’s meaning is not easy but is allowed,” Delos Chang is living his own life.

Delos Chang is a self-made millionaire, investor, and magician. In addition, he is a tech expert specializing in software engineering. Growing up, Chang was always passionate about technology and the digital nomad lifestyle. He wanted a life where he could work from anywhere and at any time and still achieve financial freedom. Through hard work, persistence, and remaining true to his own life’s meaning, Chang started his first business and became a multimillionaire by age 25.

Your path in life does not have to make sense to everyone, says Delos Chang. Some people end up living other people’s dreams simply because they are afraid of what people might think of their goals. As a top tech expert, his transition into magic was not smooth. However, Chang did not let the different opinions weigh him down. Fueled by his newfound passion for magic, he dove into the world of magic. Unless you define what you truly want and love in life, you will often find yourself giving up, says Chang.

Additionally, Chang notes that sometimes your inner critic may hinder you from achieving your dreams. His advice is to have a zero-tolerance policy and a positive mindset. In life, certain things such as change and risks are inevitable. To know your potential, you must be willing to take risks and explore beyond your limits, says Chang. It’s surprising how exploring your own limits taps into opportunities and skills you never knew existed, adds Delos Chang.

One of the main aims when starting a new venture is to succeed, and you should always have an open mindset. Defining your own life’s meaning is a path of trial and error, adds Chang. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean to give up after failure or mistakes.

In his words, the most essential thing after failure is the courage to move on and how well you apply the lessons learned.

Though all people are born genetically unique, much of their identity is created based on the environment they grow up in. Research shows often people take after the characteristics of their caregivers rather than developing their own. To invent your own life, learning how to break free by differentiating yourself is paramount, says Chang.

Overall, while inventing your own life’s meaning is not easy, without a doubt, it’s a fulfilling path.

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