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An actor with a talent people would die for, we introduce Peruvian actress Dayana Espinoza who has had a passion for film her whole life.

Here’s why Dayana Espinoza is an actor to watch

An actor with a talent people would die for, we introduce Dayana Espinoza. Dayana was born in Peru and raised in Lima. Ever since she was young, she was curious about the film industry but her true passion began when she was able to watch people tell stories by performing. 

Dayana then began her journey to becoming an actress. Dayana studied musical theater and was able to perform on stage. This is what she is meant to do. 

The career of an actress is not always glamorous and requires sacrifices. With this in mind, Dayana actually began to study for two careers simultaneously: acting for theater and industrial engineering. Even though this had its challenges, Dayana felt confident in her decision and does not regret it to this day.

However, last year Dayana decided to leave everything and come to Los Angeles to study film acting. Since her graduation, she has not stopped studying, learning, and building her career as an actress.

Dayana has been a part of a few projects thus far. Luanna’s Box is a short film directed by Riccardo Iacovelli. The story is about Luanna played by Dayana Espinoza, a young girl running away from her past and making her own choices. Luanna’s Box is currently in post-production and is planned to be sent to film festivals. 

Another short film that Dayana has been a part of is Invisible Murderer, a short film directed by Jamin Wang. The story is about two lovers seeing each other for the first time after years. During memories and declarations, the truth comes to light and they realize the real reason why they are meeting again. Invisible Murderer has been officially selected into film festivals and got two nominations as Best Film Noir Short and Best Original Story.

Dayana has also acted in The Rosy Summer Day, Outlandish, Choice, and False. You can follow her on Instagram @dayanaespinozav and see all her latest adventures.

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