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Different perspective: Get to know street artist Bourn Rich

As a rising presence in the Los Angeles street art scene, Bourn Rich is making his way through the ranks across more mediums than simple graffiti. With a new film art-directed by them, Bourn Rich has come a long way from the cold lake shore metropolis of Chicago. 

Firmly transplanted in L.A. as a means to care for his family, it was a no-brainer for us to catch up with the young upstart to hear more about what he’s up to.

Tell us about your history as an artist. How did you start your journey?

I was born an artist who lost my way and found art again later, after being burned out with working a corporate job and needing a work/life balance. 

Who were your biggest artistic influences growing up?

Comics, cartoons, graffiti/street artists, and renaissance painters.

You’ve said that your art saved both your life and your mother’s life. Can you speak on how it was able to do that? 

Not literally, but in a metaphorical sense. Art gave me and my mother a different perspective on life.

Can you talk about the Los Angeles graffiti and skateboarding scene and how it shaped the kind of art you make?

Just seeing all the graffiti and street art I just soaked in all of it. Today, it comes out with some lettering of color schemes.

As a Chicago native who relocated to Los Angeles, do you feel you have a different perspective on this L.A. scene than someone who grew up with it?

Chicago is different because the city has an edge to it. We experience all four seasons, so you appreciate the time outdoors. 

Do you feel there are any elements of Windy City culture that make their way into your art? 

Subtle hints here and there. I have an NFT dropping soon with icon, Michael Jordan in space dunking on an astronaut.

Artists can often be their own worst critics. How do you feel about the art you made when you were first starting out?

Some of it was great, some of it was trash. But, that’s all a part of the game and mastering one’s style.

Do you prefer street art or working on a canvas, and why?

Street art because more people can see it. Canvas has its advantages because I can work any time of night and it’s never dangerous. 

In what ways has your approach to making art changed or evolved?

It’s changed. I just paint what takes me back to when I fell in love with art as a kid.

You’ve previously mentioned sports as a formative interest of yours. How do sports factor into the kind of art you make today?

I’m a competitor. I love to compete, and this art game is very competitive. 

What is the piece or project you are most proud of? 

Bourn Kind, the short film I starred in, and art directed!

Do you like your work to have an easily discernible meaning or do you prefer to have a level of abstraction? 

I love some vagueness. I love for the art to be subjective to each person. 

As an artist who’s been recognized for their talents, do you feel a responsibility to teach the next generation of artists? 

Yes and No, I love teaching kids, but adults no. I didn’t get any handouts. 

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects? 

Working on a solo show coming up real soon.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

I know it sounds simple but never give up. Always keep the spirit of creativity!


What new themes would you like to see Bourn Rich take on next? Let us know in the comments!

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