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Billionaire B wins Best Art House Film

Billionaire B and Ewan Bourne executive produced a 2012 micro budget thriller film written and directed by Shane Ryan titled: My Name Is ‘A’ by Anonymous, also known by the alternate release titles of My Name Is ‘A’ and Alyssa: Portrait of a Teen Killer. The film is loosely based on a 2009 murder by then 15-year-old Alyssa Bustamante, who killed her 9-year old neighbor Elizabeth Olten.

The film premiered at the PollyGrind Film Festival on October 19, 2012, where it received an award for “Best Art House Film”. Billionaire B says, “being apart of a film like this means being apart of something special – we all witnessed art speaking for itself”.

Critical reception for My Name Is ‘A’ By Anonymous has been largely positive, with many critics noting that viewer reception for the film would be polarized due to its subject matter. Film Threat and Nerdly both gave the film very positive reviews with Film Threat noting that it was “a rough film to sit through, but I’d be concerned about my own psyche if I thought there was a way to experience the subject matter and not be disturbed”. A combination of outside narrative and found footage first person, Shane Ryan (credited as Bonéshin) manages to create a cinematic experience that is as arty as it is unsettling.” Flickering Myth highlighted the usage of Teona Dolnikova’s music, which they found “ominous and atmospheric right off the bat”.

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