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Assad Al Hanini’s New Musical Piece “Nablus” Will Get You Homesick

This month, the musical artist released his beautiful and completely mesmerizing new musical piece titled “Nablus” relating to his hometown in Palestine such an emotional track that offers listeners an enchanting, immersive world all its own. Soothing tunes, dreamy melodies that show its ethereal ambience, swooping listeners to an out of world experience in a reflective moment thinking about your hometown and all the memories, our lives, childhoods and journeys. This piece is filled with emotions

And what makes this piece extra special is the artwork that shouts Palestine and its culture, that is under occupation.

Indeed, Assad’s innate talent for crafting intimate music that reflect his authenticity, relatable inner dialogue, and contemplative spirit has lead him to discover an audience that is eager to receive his messages and that deeply identifies with the compelling stories he has to share with them.

“Nablus” is no doubt a musical masterpiece from Assad Al Hanini with its piano sound and instruments. We hope to hear more music like that from him in the future. The Track can uplift you into a different world and move your emotions no matter the occasion. For music to have such a quality, no wonder it’s massive with the fans.

Listen to “Nablus” on Spotify

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