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Ann Convery's 'Exposé' is a new short film that's blowing audiences away wherever it goes. Get the inside scoop on the film and get psyched to see it yourself.

Ann Convery and a talented team bring you ‘Exposé’

A new short film is making the rounds and delighting audiences everywhere. Exposé comes to us from Swan Place Productions and offers a tense & dramatic display of talent from all aspects of filmcraft. The film was written by Ann Convery and directed by John Webb. It is brilliantly scripted, shot, and acted, and stands out as one of the most notable short films to debut in 2021, which has been a great year for film overall.

Exposé got its first chance to really shine at the Los Angeles Lift-Off Festival, which promotes some of the best talent that filmmaking has to offer. The festival ran from September 20th through October 20th, and now Exposé is off on its own, making its way to enthusiastic audiences around the world. The film is picking up attention & awards in equal parts, and it deserves some attention from you, too.

Before you board the hype train, take a look at the inner workings of Exposé. We’ve got all the latest details about the production and its writer for you right here. Get ready for some serious drama, the kind that makes going to the movies worth it.

Written by…

Ann Convery is the writer behind Exposé. Convery has previously written two non-fiction books with Harper Collins. She’s also an experienced playwright. Her show “Shoofly” was produced at The Actor’s Workout Studio in 2012, and her play “Exposé” debuted in June 2016 at the Sidewalk Studio Theater. Los Angeles Magazine published her short story “Chakra Aerobics,” and she is currently writing even more.

Exposé is Convery’s first film, and its official synopsis reads, “A wine-soaked night leads to a twisted game of “Truth or Dare” that has Jack, Hank, and Susan hiding a secret that could destroy their lives. Angie scrambles to uncover the devastating lie at the heart of her life. Can Angie’s crazy game sabotage their night? Their marriages? Their lives?” The devastating drama of the film is something you won’t want to miss.

Casting, awards, and more

Exposé is directed by experienced producer & director John Webb. It is produced by Anthony Mora and Virginia Schneider and features music from Bryan Motley. The cinematography was handled by Brian Hoodenpyle and Paul Marschall.

The film boasts an incredibly talented cast. Virginia Schneider leads as Angie. Abby Relic plays Susan. Jack is played by James Elden, and Hank is played by Pyar Anderson. The chemistry between the cast members is one of the biggest selling points of the film. They each manage to create fully realized, believable relationships in under fifteen minutes.

Critics have already been acknowledging the masterful work on display in Exposé. It was named an official selection at the 2021 Los Angeles Lift-Off Festival. In addition, Exposé earned an Honorable Mention at the 2021 Sanctuary International Film Festival. The film, and the team working behind it, are only going to pick up more praise as time goes on. Trust us, this is a project that you’re going to want to keep your eyes on.

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