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An Interview with Angela Ferrari: Concerts, Healing and Spiritual Teaching

Angela Ferrari is the owner of “Shift”, a contemporary life coaching platform that assists people in shaping their lives to be more in line with what they had dreamt of. Ferrari draws on her own experience of reinventing her life by breaking free of the shackles of the corporate world to pursue her passion of singing as a career.

Ferrari has managed to go from singing in her bedroom with a microphone her father set up to selling out concerts and performing in front of nearly 70,000 people and opening for many famous artists. She went on to pursue an education to expand her natural gifts in energy healing and spiritual teaching, and her cognizance of clinical applications of music for rehabilitation. Ferrari decided to bravely amalgamate the two and create mass teachings and spiritual support through the musical medium.

A Musical Dream

There were a number of landmark events that were pivotal in Ferrari’s success of achieving her musical dream. Initially, the most challenging step was mustering up the courage to risk it all by sacrificing everything she had built in her lucrative job in the corporate world in favor of a dream she had held dear almost her entire life. 

The next decision that would prove instrumental in her journey was the solo adventure to Bali she made in order to search herself on an even deeper level. It was a consequence of this decision that she realized she was the only person that could lead her life to the incredible place it is in today.

Ferrari is more aware than anyone of the blockades placed in front of anyone trying to follow their heart, having seriously doubted her capability to prevail in the music industry as a teenager, despite her lifelong passion for it. Learning to trust herself was a difficult ability to acquire, as it first meant learning to remove the weight behind the words of those saying “being a singer is an unrealistic dream”.

The self-taught musician describes the core motif of her music as fluctuating between ”deep pain and incredible bliss”. By keeping her music true to the messages of her heart, Ferrari has been successful in achieving several career highs, including flawless reviews for her 2019 debut album “Heartbreak Mixtape”, participating in a number of events related to the NFL and the shows of famous radio stations.

Energy Healing

It is this personal odyssey Ferrari has undertaken that the well respected life coach draws upon in order to offer guidance to others on how to find and pursue their calling too. Ferrari realized she had unearthed a beautiful discovery, which she promptly managed to compress into a technique to help share the ability to make dreams a reality with others.

As the scale of her company grows, from a number of clients initially to hosting concerts, classes and even events, Ferrari weaves her powerful messages relating her secret findings on connection, self-love, and acceptance. Concurrently, by consolidating this teaching with her music, she has managed to further broaden the reach of Shift’s powerful teachings.

Image Credit: Angela Ferrari

Her Vision

Angela Ferrari is a one-of-a-kind treasure: the unique manner in which she blends spirituality into her music to perform it in a way that everyone can relate to, while still remaining deep and soulful, is inspirational. On top of this, Ferrari keenly intertwines her work with her profound spiritual teachings about the self in a way that leads people towards lasting change.

Looking to the future, Ferrari envisions herself as an educator for the masses who provides guidance that prevails against the overwhelming pandemic of anxiety and depression.

Specifically, Ferrari believes that her teachings are important to the younger generations with no other resources from which to learn the essentials of emotional balance. By teaching them methods through which to express their feelings, Ferrari believes this is a requirement if the future generations are to be any better educated than us.

Closing Statement

Angela Ferrari is an inspiration, and the living embodiment of what it means to break out of the box we’re told to live in, creating a life that revolves around one’s passions instead“. She is the world’s first healer, spiritual teacher and musician, impressively managing to merge all these talents into one.

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