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Ali Rasoul is a successful entrepreneur. Find out what he has to say about about investing in digital assets.

Ali Rasoul speaks on why entrepreneurs should invest in digital assets

Ali Rasoul is a 22-year-old creative entrepreneur, investor and founder of an independent creative agency. Strategically  working in the music, film, fashion and corporate industries. Operating closely with established celebrities, labels and brands  in the US and UK. Currently, a postgraduate student at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) studying for a  master’s degree in Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives until 2023.  

Catching the attention of major organizations and publications over the years, Ali has featured in numerous articles, radio  interviews and campaigns, from the likes of the British Film Institute, the Royal Television Society, the BBC, Nike and  many more. Ali Rasoul is a 2017 alumnus of the BFI Film Academy Craft Skills program and has taken on life-changing  projects and campaigns with brands like Universal, Warner Music, Red Bull, Malibu and a-list figures like Spike Lee, Jordan  Peele, Wizkid etc.

Ali’s work has been published and shared by organizations such as Oprah Magazine, NBA, Emmys and  Wheaties. Ali’s creative agency has permitted him to travel across the world and attend prestigious events such as the  Grammys in Los Angeles.  

Film Daily was fortunate enough to catch up with Ali Rasoul again about his recent experience in the digital assets market,  ultimately expressing why emerging creative entrepreneurs should consider investing in the cryptocurrency markets to future  proof their income.

What are Digital Assets?

To put it in a simple form, digital assets are the money of the Internet to the native money of the internet. Essentially, it’s taking money and turning it into digits of ones and zeros. In today’s fast-developing world, tech companies have been able to use the technology behind the digitalization of currencies as a form of communication.

Ideally, being the direct transfer of value, and if the world continues to head into environments of companies talking and communicating to each other in a direct or a peer-to-peer way, then money has to be part of that process. 

Cryptocurrencies are by far the most talked-about digital asset in the market today. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that uses cryptographic principles (basically a computer code to secure information). A crypto asset is part of digital currencies (all electronic money). Digital currencies are intangible e-money, sometimes regulated, sometimes unregulated. Some characteristics make a currency more cryptographic vs a virtual one: encryption/cryptography allowing privacy, pseudonymity or anonymity. 

Cryptocurrencies have three primary purposes: exchange, store of value, and unit of account. The most popular cryptocurrency today is Bitcoin, an open-source P2P payment system that allows transactions to get sent via a decentralized platform, without a financial intermediary. Right now, there’s been a huge increase in companies allowing cryptocurrency to serve as an alternative route to traditional payment. 

The value behind investing as an emerging creative entrepreneur

Working for yourself as a creative is an amazing way to develop and learn yourself even further, and freelancing in creative industries is great however, sustainability can fluctuate in months and years. That’s why it’s essential to realize this from early and diversify your portfolio of assets, to essentially not lose out on potential money. 

As creatives we often find ourselves working with record labels, brands and other established corporations, like Warner Music Group, or Universal etc. Developing a relationship with these types of institutions could increase the chances of building a pool of funds in your savings account. But, when you’ve got capital raised, make sure it’s not just accumulating dust in your savings account lifelessly.

When you start investing in digital assets, you’ll then notice the clear contrast between the banking system and the cryptocurrency system. Whether it’s long term or short term, there’s a high chance you will generate a form of income with no major effort required. 

The real question is… How and when do creatives transition from being ‘just’ a designer/filmmaker/artist to increasing their value and essentially recognizing themselves as a successful business model? 

I recently discussed with digital marketer and content creator, Tommy Smith, articulating an interesting glance at how digital assets are becoming more innovative and creative in today’s environment. 

Tommy says. “Assets nowadays aren’t defined as just physical items but can include tangible online goods and services, whether it’s growing your social media presence to create a stream of income or creating a brand that inevitably showcases your work through selling goods online.

Fast-forwarding to now and the future, and even looking at the growth of NFT’s and how one can tokenize artwork to be distributed, to essentially store wealth, is highly innovative and creative. I often see most of my assets as beginning with HTTPS”

Understanding the market and how it moves

One of the first few things to consider when getting started with reading the market is, discovering how it moves and  acknowledging the volume of assets that’s available to buy.  

It’s necessary to examine certain components such as the (Market Cap, Volume, Circulating Supply and Max Supply), to  start with before initiating a purchase. Moreover, familiarize yourself with the charts and graphs that demonstrate the highs  and lows in sections of time and price, ranging from 1H, 24H, 7D, 1M, 6M, 1Y and ALL.

Taking time to use these tools will  enable you to assess whether a coin is worth investing in or not. The Crypto market is evidently one of the most changeable  sets of assets to predict, merely because the volume increases every day. Meaning, in one hour you can witness a huge spike,  suddenly the following hour a significant 15% decrease.  

In a way, it’s like a wave in the ocean, sometimes you have little waves and sometimes you get tidal waves. At the end of the  day, one of them will come crashing or hovering the sand.

Connect with Ali Rasoul on Instagram at @ali.rasoul or via the creative agency 

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