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Most people find abstract art to be an enigma. Alexandra Squire has harvested this art form and made it her own. Inspire yourself and follow her journey.

Abstract Artist Alexandra Squire’s Commitment to Growth and Evolution has Skyrocketed Her Career

Abstract art has long been considered an enigma that has fascinated people for years. Some people see swirling shapes and colorful patterns that they can’t put to meaning. However, the beauty of abstract art lies in your interpretation of it. Alexandra Squire explains that it can be an incredibly moving art form, as long as you approach it with an open mind. Let the pure energy of the art pull you in, and open your imagination.

Alexandra Squire was an on-air journalist turned abstract artist who has now made art her full-time career. She decided it was her true calling to transition away from television, public relations, and media. Art called to Alexandra, offering her freedom to express herself creatively. Her work has been featured in shows worldwide and regionally.

Having worked in a 9-5 job, Alexandra explains her dissatisfaction with the work culture and having little time to pursue her creativity. Despite this, she explains that starting over was a scary experience, but the risk has been worth it. After finding her footing in abstract art, Alexandra has made a vow to commit to growth and evolution in her career.

According to Alexandra, abstract art isn’t a secret code that people need to crack. She has fully immersed herself in building her career and distinguishing herself. One way she achieves this is by finding better ways to showcase the quality of her work, the materials she uses, and the experience by showing her creative process. 

This is one thing that sets Alexandra apart: her openness as she shares her journey and learns to grow from this.

Alexandra Squire’s technique is a combination of her personal style and inspirations from generations of abstract artists. She is, however, carving out her corner in the field by creating art that people can find meaning in and relate to in their own ways. 

By carefully putting together art pieces very intentionally, Alexandra has created art that has put her on the map. Through her work, you can see her determination and passion. She is also dedicated to learning as she grows and evolving as an artist.

Speaking about setting up shop in abstract art, Alexandra explains that she loves the art form because it is expressive and open to the audiences’ interpretation. She enjoys the fact that abstract art requires an inquiring mind; the paintings take the viewer on a journey of discovery. Moreover, she revels in the freedom to explore artwork to create a personal experience for the viewers. 

When you interact with Alexandra’s work, you will notice her minimalist style. Her intention is not to overwhelm the viewers, but to allow them the space to form a connection with the art piece. However, this is not to say that her work lacks an edge. Alexandra creates bold and uncomplicated shapes and palettes.

In a trend-filled world, Alexandra is not rushing her evolution and allows herself time to experience each stage of her growth curve. Her career has taken off due to this dedication to her craft instead of keeping up with ever-changing trends.

Growth is a journey filled with a lot of trial and error. Alexandra believes that commitment to growth and evolution can catapult your career to the next level. It has worked for hers, so apply it to yours!

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