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AC Hampton is an e-commerce entrepreneur who specializes in dropshipping. Learn more about the practice and his career here.

Dropshipping Genius AC Hampton Is Taking Over the Industry

Dropshipping is one of the newer business models to hit the e-commerce industry. It’s a low capital investment business that involves listing and selling products online where the retailers don’t physically stock the goods. The retailer transfers the order and shipment details to the supplier, who then fulfills the order by shipping the product directly to the consumer.  

Though branded as a get-rich-quick scheme due to its low capital investment, Dropshipping is a highly demanding business. It requires a versatile and highly adaptable entrepreneur who keeps up with the industry trends. You have to invest hours of research in finding the best products to list and reliable suppliers.

AC Hampton is one e-commerce entrepreneur reaping the benefits of the market. Hampton is the founder of Supreme Ecom, a top dropshipping company in the US. Supreme E-com was recently named the number one recommended dropshipping e-commerce agency in 2021. 

Since its establishment, Hampton has been solely overseeing its operations until recently, when he hired a team to help him with the many orders.

At 25, Hampton has already established himself as one of the best minds to grace the dropshipping industry. He is leading the pack with his unique and proven marketing strategies that are generating millions. He estimates to have generated close to $10 million in sales since he started and is still eyeing more success in the future.

After a frustrating career as a sales agent, the marketing and computer engineering graduate from Kansas City found his way into the dropshipping business. This is despite his deep love and passion for sales. His 9–5 subjected him to the same work routine with a fixed salary and minimal chances for growth.

His ambitions led him to quit and venture into the dropshipping business as an independent merchant. Hampton’s exceptional work ethic and commitment to the industry has been a key factor in his success.

In addition, Hampton has a crystal-clear vision that is changing and impacting thousands of lives globally. He often shares his life-changing business concepts across his socials to inspire others to find their way into the business. 

Hampton has also held two successful conferences, barely a year since he stepped into the limelight. To his surprise, all his conferences sold out way earlier than expected, with people flying in from all corners of the world.

“The first thing I did when I got to that conference was to ask people who weren’t from Texas to raise their hands. Everyone raised their hands. That’s when I realized this is crazy, this is something big,” says Hampton

Reflecting on his journey and how he has grown from a modest background, Hampton has since set his goal to help others create generational wealth for themselves and their families. 

He argues that millions of people worldwide have the potential to be great in the industry but perhaps lack the know-how. Hampton documents and shares each step he has taken to success with anyone willing to learn from him. 

To Hampton, this is the best way to pave the way for people to find similar success in the field. His YouTube channel is also a resourceful platform where he shares weekly business content to transform your life.

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