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Mentor, investor, philanthropist, and author Aaron Sansoni has done it all. Learn about what's driven Sansoni's unbelievable success through the years.

Everything You Need to Know About Influential Philanthropist Aaron Sansoni

Aaron Sansoni is a global mentor, philanthropist, Investor, and best-selling author who has impacted many lives worldwide. He is a former Australian of the Year nominee and the Entrepreneur of the Year nominee. Sansoni has inspired millions across the world and coached over 350,000 people from 107 countries, spread over 150 different sectors and industries.

He has toured and professionally spoken in 27 countries on different continents helping millions uncover their hidden potentials.

Sansoni is the chairman of Sansoni Management which oversees two venture capital firms; Empire Group International and Paragon Global Investment. He is also the head of the Aaron Sansoni Group, his education company teaching thousands how to tap into their inner potentials.

Sansoni has also pioneered “Empire Mastery,” a business education program centered around building multiple businesses and multiple income streams. Under his leadership, Empire Mastery is now one of the most sold-out business events in Australia, attracting international attendees.

A passionate venture capitalist, Sansoni has also built, acquired, and invested in over 40 companies worldwide through the Empire Group International and Paragon Global Investments. Sansoni has numerous private investments in many prominent companies, including SpaceX.

His efforts and contribution to the business world have seen him share the global stage with big names such as Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Ferriss, Marc Randolph co-founder of Netflix, Mary Buffet, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, among many others.

An innate mentor, Sansoni has educated millions of people worldwide, including celebrities, actors, athletes, and icons of different sectors. Through the Aaron Sansoni Foundation, he has fed over 250k underprivileged people in Australia, donated money to front line victims of the 2019 Australian bushfires and helped raise funds for 857 sick kids in hospitals, helping them have access to better care.

Sansoni is also currently fundraising to help build a one of a kind Paediatric Emergency Department in Melbourne alongside the Monash Foundation.

Like any other success journey, Sansoni’s is no different. He has faced numerous challenges but managed to overcome them and maintain his focus on his goals. On different occasions, Sansoni has gone from being on the brink of business collapse several times to thriving.

“I overcame every one of these and more because I constantly invested in myself. I would seek out those who knew more than me, who achieved more than me, who challenged me, and I never stopped growing and backing myself, even when others didn’t,” says Sansoni.

His approach is to empower others by teaching them what he knows. Sansoni wants others to believe in themselves so that they can achieve anything they want in life, just like he has been able to create an empire from zero to a 50 million dollar with no financial backers or formal education.

Sansoni says you just need to give yourself permission to succeed and permission to fail and keep taking massive and immediate action with the right mentors you’ll win.

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