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Paint by Number has a ton of social and cognitive benefits. Check out some of the Paint by Number projects here.

The Social and Cognitive Benefits of Paint by Number Projects

Painting by number has been around for many years but is currently growing in popularity faster than ever. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced many individuals to stay locked inside their homes, this style of painting comes as both entertainment as well as a way to manage anxiety and stress.

However, these are only a few of the benefits of painting by numbers. The activity has many more advantages, especially when compared to other similar artsy hobbies. Everyone can use this style of painting to develop their abstract thinking, creativity, and focus. This includes art students.

A great way to develop your artistic side is to imitate. Painting by numbers offers individuals the ability to paint while following the instructions that are provided with the painting kits. These packs contain everything needed for the painting, from paints to brushes and a numbered canvas. This makes it easy to follow the included instructions and get a beautiful result.

Through imitation and following the number indications, individuals get a better understanding of how visually complex objects are formed from simple shapes. However, there are also many cognitive advantages to painting by numbers.

Painting Develops Abstract Thinking Processes

The process of painting different sections that make up a bigger picture helps develop abstract thinking processes, especially for children. Painting by number teaches them that all objects can be separated into smaller elements, making them easier to understand and manipulate.

Furthermore, the activity shows individuals that complex objects are easier to draw if they start with general shapes and then focus on the details.

Painting by Numbers Develops Spatial Awareness and Critical Thinking

Painting by number projects do not always follow a logical direction in terms of what areas need to be painted first. This enables individuals to analyze the bigger picture and understand how smaller areas help compose it. In other words, it develops an individual’s spatial awareness, enabling him to discover whether an area is in the background or the foreground and establish its function. 

Critical awareness is also developed through this style of painting because it encourages people to look at complex objects as amalgams of smaller items.

When Turned Into a Habit, the Activity Helps Manage Stress and Anxiety

Although all paint by number projects help manage stress and anxiety, websites such as offer complex kits that can be used as long-term focus points for individuals who need to disconnect from their daily worries and do something that they enjoy.

Mandalas or mosaic designs tend to be the most effective at managing stress because they vary in complexity. Some areas can be painted in a few minutes while others are small and need more patience to get through.

Painting by Number Kits Are Affordable

When it comes to painting by number, the kits are extremely affordable, especially when compared to what it would cost to buy the supplies separately. This is because each painting by numbers kit includes only the amount of paint and the brushes that are required for a particular project.

This having been said, the prices for the kits vary depending on the complexity of the design, its size, and the type of supplies that are included in the package. For example, products designed for children do not come with canvas, but with a thick sheet of cardboard. Furthermore, these have simpler designs which means that they also come with a smaller number of paint containers and fewer colours. 

On the other side of the spectrum, there are vintage kits that are designed to enable the buyer to create reproductions of famous paintings. These are considerably more complex than regular ones and the painter needs to be more precise with his brushstrokes and painting technique.

It Is a Good Activity for the Whole Family

Paint by number projects is great for the entire family. It is possible to purchase larger kits and to get everyone involved. This can help parents improve their relationships with their children while the little ones learn how to work as a team.

When approached as a group activity, this also encourages the family members to develop their problem-solving skills, by establishing the roles of each individual and dividing the canvas into sections that each will have to paint.

Regardless of how this activity is approached, beginners should look for simpler kits that are easier to follow and can be completed faster. More complex ones require a bit of experience that will come in time.

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