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Social media influencers vary widely in personality, reputation and expertise. Noam Sela exposes multiple TikTok secrets here.

TikTok musician Noam Sela shares influencer secrets

Social media influencers vary widely in personality, reputation and expertise. From the average Joe to the A-list celebrity, nearly everyone can be found on social media. But what makes a successful social media influencer?

The answer, according to Gabby Beckford, is tenacity. “As a travel influencer of more than 6 years who started at only 18 years old, I would say the most important trait is tenacity. This field becomes more and more saturated every day, and these social media platforms’ algorithms seem to change every hour. Tenacity is what will keep you pushing through the frustrations, failures, and setbacks. Tenacity will make putting in the ungodly hours feel like an investment in something bigger instead of a hole that you’re digging yourself into. You can be unique, talented, beautiful, and well-educated, but without tenacity, you will never survive the ebb and flow that is social media influencing!”

Apart from possessing copious amounts of tenacity, successful social media influencers, whether they be micro-influencers or famous personalities, have four things in common across all their social media platforms. 

Distinctive Content

Irrespective of the platform, social media influencers have generally developed credibility as an expert in a specific industry. Noga Erez, an Isreali singer and songwriter, dedicates her social media channels to her music. Apple used her music in an advertising campaign for their music streaming service back in 2017. “She is a very, very promising Israeli singer. She sings in English, and I think she will be international very, very soon,” TikTok personality and sketch comedian Noam Sela shared that this singer is definitely one to watch. His TikTok is a humorous mix of sketch comedy, impersonations and music which sets his brand apart from other influencers. Given the global reach of social media, it is likely that there is an audience for almost any subject matter out there. It is up to the potential influencer to define their niche and passion.

Large Audience Base

Influencers typically have large followings. The size of these followings vary from platform to platform and whether monetizing options are used. The threshold for earning money will differ on each platform. Operations Director and Co-founder of Caveni Digital Solutions, Alexander M. Kehoe offers this insight:

 “Social media influencers are a growing breed, but there are so many that fail to properly monetize their audience. What really sets a good social media influencer apart from the crowd is an excellent business sense that isn’t dominated by ego. There are an immense number of advertisers out there that understand the value of social reach, and they are more than willing to pay for an influencer who acts professionally and has a strong business acumen. So, learn the ropes of the marketing/advertising industry, and you will have a far easier time when your finances are secure.”

Marketable Content

Khris Steven, a sales funnel and marketing expert, notes that “The most important trait for a social media influencer is the engagement metrics of their content. A social media influencer with a large number of REAL engaged followers who like, comment on, and share their content shows that they’re successful.” Influencers constantly engage with their following. You may have heard a Youtuber say the phrase, “if this video reaches X amount of likes, I will do this.” This is one of many engagement strategies influencers use along with regular reminders that viewers should “smash that like button.”

Multiple Revenue Streams

Successful influencers often have more than one revenue stream. Revenue can come from ads, affiliation programs and several other sources

“The moment companies find a person whose beliefs, principles, and profiles align with their philosophy and their brand, and if they agree to collaborate, that person becomes a brand ambassador. The influencer is a person that makes a living off of that process.” Dewayne Hamilton explained that the most important asset influencers have is their niche as brands tend to shy away from generalists.

 “Be genuine and be creative. Don’t try to imitate others. Don’t try to copy others. Just be genuine. And if you will be genuine and creative you will succeed,” Noam shared, pointing out the most important attribute any influencer can possess. Potential influencers needn’t get discouraged as every social media profile, no matter how successful, started out at zero followers. 

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