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Mammoth Film Festival 2020: What you can catch Sunday afternoon

The film festival season is roaring into full swing, and the snowiest festival in California is setting up for day three. The Mammoth Film Festival in Mammoth Lakes, CA is in full swing, and Sunday is packed full, with action sports content, episodic TV pilots, some music videos, and plenty of full-length features to enjoy. 

So if you’re in Mammoth bearing the snow, there’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy at the festival today. Here’s the rundown of what you want to catch downtown at Minaret Cinemas if you can.

Dinner with Grandma (Short Film)

The Madsen family has an interesting legacy in Hollywood. You have Elaine Madsen, the matriarch of the whole family, best known as of late for directing the documentary I Know A Woman Like That with her daughter Virgina. Her grandson Christian has had several small roles since 2013. 


What happens when you put the two together in Christian’s directorial debut? A very funny short about how impressing grandma is the most important thing. Even if you’re a hitman and your fake girlfriend is a stripper you met on the street. If you’re interested, Dinner with Grandma’s world premiere is 3pm. 

That One Time (Episodic TV)

Who doesn’t love some good ol’ moody teenagers? Melanie Wagor’s directorial debut that she also wrote and produced is about teenagers looking to define themselves in 2020. So if you can’t help but find yourself questioning why high schoolers act the way they do now, That One Time may be your look into their psyche you needed.


Wagor got her start with the DGA in their development initiative program, meant to help bring more female and people color into the directing world. So this pilot has been a long time coming for Wagor. If you want to support her and other up and coming TV directors, the episodic TV block starts at 1pm today. 

Alone (Feature Film)

You may not know Marc Menchaca’s name, but if you saw his face, you’d recognize him as one of the evil Langmores Ozark, or the guy who gets talked into murder on The Outsider. It seems like Menchaca has a type, because in Alone, he continues on the trend of playing awful people. 


A recent widow is forced to run for her life after escaping her kidnapper into the woods. While Jules Wilcox’s performance is terrifying, even more so is Menchaca as her kidnapper. So if you have a thing for evil men, you can check out Alone at 6pm tonight

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How’s the World Treating You? (Her Voice Short)

So if you’re not familiar with The Her Voice podcast, you’re missing out. Hosts Alexandra Chando and Blair Bomar try to shine a light on female filmmakers leading the way in the industry, as well as men who are using their voice to help fight for gender equality in film. The two are hosting a whole block of hand picked shorts by their favorite indie film makers at 3:30pm.

One of the shorts featured comes from Bianca Poletti, who has a unique style with her shooting that somehow makes every film look like a daydream. How’s the World Treating You? is no exception, romanticizing the runaway life of a professional troublemaker. If you want to her film and all the others in the block, be at the theater by 3:30. 

For a full schedule of today’s films, you can check out here. Tickets are still available for most blocks. 

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