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A good music manager can be the difference between worldwide success and complete failure. Josh Bru's stellar management can help you launch to stardom.

Josh Bru on Artist Management in the Music Industry

A good artist manager can be the most significant difference between failure and success in the music industry. Managers are responsible for the overall career direction of their artists. 

They are involved in making critical decisions that have a significant impact on the artist’s career. However, the bitter reality to artists is that some managers are out there only for the glitz and glamour and do not have the best interests of the artists they manage.

Josh Bru has been in the industry for the last four years. He understands the importance of conducting due diligence before striking a management deal. Josh has been involved in artist booking for the last four years, witnessing how bad artist management can drag down an artist’s career. 

Passionate about nurturing upcoming talents, Josh has involved himself in A&R and artist management as he seeks to deliver high-quality marketing-oriented artist management services.

He has garnered a reputation for consistently delivering suitable talents for the right after-party events in Chicago. He runs an entertainment company that he uses to book artists and is considered the leading Chicago nightlife talent booking expert. Josh Bru has spent over $250 000 on artists working with some of the most prominent names in the entertainment scene. 

Some of the big talents he has booked include Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Saweetie, Migos, Blueface, Shoreline Mafia, 24kGoldn, Jack Harlow, and Playboi Carti. He is expanding into artist management as he seeks to work more hands-on with the artists. His intention is to utilize the many connections he has created over the years and apply that to his management role. 

This will be vital to give more exposure and build the careers of his artists. This comes after working for years as a talent booker and partnering with some of the most influential names in the entertainment industry. He has a long Rolodex of previously existing clientele established over the years that he considers highly useful for more connections.

Josh Bru acknowledges the importance of trust in artist management. He considers it as the basis of establishing a relationship with the artists he works with. It doesn’t matter how professional you are if you are not trustworthy. The industry already knows him for the credibility and trustworthiness that he has established in the last four years.

Organizing partnerships and gigs for the artist is one of the core mandates of a manager. He believes that a good manager should negotiate good deals for his clients. 


This may be one of his simplest tasks in the management as it’s something he has been doing. Besides booking artists, Josh Bru also partnered with other celebrities, famous music festivals, and other powerful organizations in Chicago that will come in handy for his new role as an artist manager. He enjoys a great relationship with some of the venue owners and bottle service clients in the industry.

Finances are another critical area in an artist management deal. Some artists terminate a management deal because of issues relating to finance. This can never be an issue or challenge when working with Josh Bru. 

He understands that every artist wants to grow in their career and has their best interests at heart which is why he makes sure that they get paid the money they deserve for individual events and parties.

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