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Want to impress your friends? Why not remodel your home after the house from 'The Notebook'? Here's a walkthrough of the most important parts.

The Most Important Renovations for The Notebook House

In The Notebook, one of the main storylines revolves around the Windsor Plantation. Noah Calhoun, a poor boy, renovates it to rich Allie Hamilton’s requests to show his love for her, despite their class-based differences. The house is gorgeous afterz it’s renovated, but how much do you really know about those renovations? Here’s what you need to know about the house from The Notebook.

1. Blue Shutters

Allie expresses her desire for a white house with blue shutters, which is why Noah meets those desires. The end house is painted pure white, with the only splash of color on the paint job being blue shutters.

2. Third-Story Porch

In the original house, there are two porches: one on the second story and one on the third story. However, Noah attaches the second-story railing to his pickup truck to pull it off the house so he can redesign the front.

3. Staircase

When Noah and Allie visit the home for the first time, Noah points out the staircase as the place where the previous owner proposed to his wife. He refinishes the steps to make them safe for walking on.

4. Dining Room

There are a few rooms on the bottom floor of the home, and after the renovations, one of them became the dining room. On their first visit, Allie and Noah find that the room has a neglected piano and cobwebs; the renovations restore the piano and add a handmade dining table.

5. Porch Swing

The side porch includes a porch swing after the renovations are complete. It’s here that Noah reads to Allie after they reunite.

6. Painting Room

Allie loves painting, which is why one of the upstairs rooms is now a painting room after the renovations. The room overlooks the water, which allows her to paint gorgeous landscapes whenever she wants.

7. Master Bedroom

The first time Noah and Allie spend time together in the master bedroom, they spend the night together. When she wakes up, she follows arrows on the floor that lead her to the painting room.

8. General Structural Renovations

Because the house was completely neglected for so long, it only makes sense that there would have to be a variety of structural renovations to make it safe and livable. Noah would likely have had to replace electrical systems, add plumbing, stabilize the chimney, level the foundation, refinish the floor, and add a completely new roof.


9. Landscaping

To give the house a beautiful finish, Noah also did the landscaping around the house. He removed overgrown brambles and fallen trees, then added a lawn around the home and gave the house a coat of paint.


As you can see, there were a lot of necessary renovations that the house went through in order to look as gorgeous as it did. While some of these were shown on screen, not all of them were. When you watch The Notebook next, you’ll be able to see all the work that went into this gorgeous home.

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