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Gutters maintain the flow of water that hits your roof. Learn more about roof gutters and their installation here.

Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Decide Getting Gutters

You might have noticed that some of the houses down the road have roof gutters. Seeing them, you are also thinking of installing them in yours as well. Before you finally take any stand on this matter, ask yourself whether your roof needs them or not. It may or may not require one. 

The build of a house, the locale of your home, and whether you experience any water-related problems – all these will help you reach a final decision. Read on to know more about roof gutters and their installation.

What is the function of a roof gutter?

Gutters maintain the flow of water that hits your roof. They take them away from your house with a single flow. Without them, the roof water can build up around your dwelling and get into the foundation. 

Over time, this accumulated water may cause damage to your property. But once you decide to install them, you must also take care to keep them clean. Else, a dirty gutter can cause more harm to a house than not having any roof drainage system at all. Thankfully there are companies such as Gutter Cleaning St Louis to help out with this type of maintenance job.

It also helps in preventing erosion by managing water runoff. Thus, it aids in protecting the lawn around a home. Urbandale gutter installation will take into account all of your needs while setting up gutters on your property. They have efficient staff to take care of all that is required to be done.  

When can the houses do without gutters?

Houses situated in places that do not experience much rain or snowfall, do not require roof gutters. The amount of water gathered due to occasional rain is not enough to cause any water damage to the roof. If there is no water collection daily, the damage is not likely to occur. 

If your home doesn’t possess a gutter system and you haven’t yet noticed any damage, then probably you will not require one ever. But before arriving at such a conclusion, it is advisable to have a thorough inspection of your property done

Houses built on slopes or hills will not need a gutter system as the water will automatically flow away from them. 

When do you need roof gutters?

Gutters are necessary for places where the ground slopes towards the house. Areas experiencing heavy rainfall or snowfall require a well-built roof drainage system to ward off any damage caused due to water buildup. As long as they are well maintained, they will give you long protection against future roof issues. It’s best to ask your roofer for suggestions on this matter. 

Why do some roofs do not need gutters?

Some roofs have a long overhang or a steep slope. For such roofs, water is already getting directed away from your house. These types of roofs do not need gutters. Moreover, installing them in sloping roofs may be a complex and hazardous task. It can also hamper the aesthetic appeal of the house. 


So, check whether you need to install a gutter system or can do with an alternative solution to your present problem. 

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