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Mixing Glitter with Acrylic Powder: Tips and Precautions Glitter and Acrylic Powder


Popular nail art supplies include acrylic powder and glitter. While acrylic powder is used to make artificial nails, glitter gives nails a brilliant appearance.

Knowing the characteristics of acrylic powder and glitter

Acrylic powder dissolves in monomer to form a paste, whereas glitter is formed of plastic or metal and is not soluble in water or monomer.

What Happens When Glitter and Acrylic Powder Are Mixed?

When combined, the glitter granules are suspended in the acrylic paste, giving artificial nails a dazzling appearance. The paste, however, might become fragile and prone to cracking if there is too much glitter added.

Guidelines for Blending Acrylic Powder and Glitter

The following advice will help you get the best effects when combining glitter and acrylic powder:

Use little glitter that won’t change the consistency of the paste.

To guarantee a uniform distribution without compromising the strength, mix the glitter and acrylic powder at a ratio of 1:3 to 1:4.

Before adding the liquid monomer, combine the glitter with the acrylic powder.

To avoid glitter adhering to the bottom of the mixing bowl, combine the glitter and acrylic powder in a different container before adding the liquid monomer.

Glitter and Acrylic Powder Mixing Safety Measures Take these steps to avoid any negative outcomes:

Employ glitter made specifically for nail art to avoid harm from sharp edges to the nails or skin.

When dealing with glitter, put on a mask to avoid breathing in the particles. Make sure the mixture is evenly mixed to avoid clumps or lumps.

Glitter should not be used in excess as this can weaken and change the consistency of the paste.


In conclusion, glitter and acrylic powder can be combined to make stunning nail art creations. For the greatest outcomes, keep in mind to adhere to the advice and safety measures provided in this article. You can make eye-catching nail art with just the proper quantity of glitter and acrylic powder. Click to learn more:

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