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So, you have a film studies assignment at hand; how do you go about it? Here are 7 great tips to help with the entire process.

Taking Film Studies? Here Are 7 Tips for Writing the Perfect Essay

As a student, there’ll certainly come a time for you to write an essay on a film you have watched. It is especially the case if you are taking film studies, whether in high school or college. The purpose of such compositions is to gauge your understanding of concepts and your interpretation of what a film portrays. More importantly, film essays allow your professor to determine whether you have grasped what they’ve been teaching in class.

So, you have a film essay assignment at hand; how do you go about it? Here are 7 great tips to help with the entire process.

Watch the Film Several Times

Unless you are really great at grasping things in a single instant, it is best to watch a film several times before writing an essay on it. This way, you can better understand its message and even catch details that you might have missed earlier. To ensure the best results, be sure to watch your film on different occasions. Don’t go on a watching marathon since you’ll probably get bored, undermining your comprehension of what the movie is about.

While at it, remember to take notes. These will come in handy when writing your film essay as they’ll be excellent references. Besides, they can be great for reminding you exactly how you felt when watching a particular film.

Create an Outline

Diving straight into the writing phase is a recipe for a bad essay. Take time to first create an outline of your composition, right from the start to the end. Doing this allows you to organize your thoughts and arguments beforehand, which allows you to put them in your work more strategically.

Express Your Opinions and Back Your Stance

To write a film essay that stands out, you need to give your genuine opinion unapologetically. It means being candid about how you feel about a movie, whether good, bad, or indifferent. You show your professor that you have an independent and unique understanding of the movie when you do this. However, keep in mind this- your opinions should be strictly within acceptable academic confines.

Back all of your claims with evidence from the film to make them valid. For example, if your feel the film has significant plot holes, be sure to point them out. If the cinematography was awesome, highlight what makes it so as well.

Keep Your Reader in Mind

Being a student, your audience is your professor. For this reason, you want to write a composition that highlights what they’ve been teaching in class. Don’t cover things that are simply far-fetched and have nothing to do with what your educator covered in class.

Be Subtle on the Plot

You’ll be writing an essay, not retelling the movie. So, be sure to go over the movie without giving much of the plot away. After all, the idea is to help your educator grasp what the movie is about, not to narrate the sequence of events to them.

Get Professional Help

Are you stuck? Do you need to brainstorm ideas for your essay? If yes, the smart thing to do is to get assistance from a professional essay writer online. There are many academic help services on the internet with essay experts who are always ready and eager to help you. Be sure to go for essay pros on well-reviewed platforms and with excellent ratings. You want to get the best help possible to ensure you ace your essay.

Reread, Rewrite and Edit

Completing an assignment, more so a demanding one like a film essay, is no small feat. To ensure that your time and effort do not go to waste, you need to go through your piece once again to identify any mistakes in it and correct them. 

Take some time between the writing and editing phase to ensure you have a fresh mind when doing your edits. Don’t edit as you write. This way, you can catch things that you’d otherwise miss due to the weariness you are bound to experience after the writing stage. Also, be sure to take ample time to check the spelling and grammar of your piece for academic flow.


Writing an excellent film essay is a must if you want to earn a decent score in school. If you’ve been having trouble getting started or continuing with your composition, these tips are sure to make things easier for you. Put them to practice right away, and you’ll certainly be on your way to completing your assignment without much trouble.

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