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Winner Mind: the Raising “Fiction IP” Industry With Trending BDSM Novels

BDSM novels as a new trend of dubcon books has bring tremendous traffic and value to the industry which boosts fiction business to the top.

The term, IP in Fiction IP: as being short for Intellectual Property: has been proven as a very key for the development of the cultural industry such as Disney; This is still a key concept and guiding point a century later. Nevertheless, with the deep integration of digital culture, the industry is facing an upgrade in its“consumer appetite and preference”. According to a in-depth research on a platform called by reporters, it has been finding out that consumers are calling for more demanding which has formed an escalating rasing business industry that is very profitable for multiple parties involved..

Factory of “origin of fiction IP ” of BDSM novels

When compared with other forms of fiction IP creation, the reason why dubcon books web-novels is able to spawn the greatest number, comes for their ‘DNA’ matchable features. Fciton IP as the cultural symbol that has been tested by the market with the focal point of its consumers’ emotion. One of its core principles are to establish an emotional bond with fans. Hence BDSM novels readers have more constant interactions compared to the passive way of accepting the dubcon books via movies and TV series.By eagerly anticipating the on-going BDSM novels, established a strong emotional bond. This explains their addictive attachment.

BDSM novels fans are not only following the novel constantly and closely, but also willing to pay for its spin-off derivatives, thus enhance continuously  the IP foundation . With a large number of highly loyal readers and the more comprehensive form of dubcon books narration worldview and world settings.the adaptation of BDSM novels becomes rather easier. That is why we can see that BDSM novels is usually at the upstream of content creation to producing and incubating various works.According to the research,  the spin-offs originating from the IPs of BDSM novels are far greater in number than other forms of IPs. Take the “Billionaire Romance”in BDSM novel genre from Dreamestory as the dubcon books’ example, this series can be adapted into a full range consisting of games, comics, animations and films, etc.,ased on its plot and basic worldview. And in the hands of its fans, it can be presented in the form of stage play and audio drama., etc.

BDSM Novel, the “new trend of web dubcon books

Dreamstory, for example, has less stringent requirements for its dubcon books submission resulting in a mind-boggling advantage in the number of writers as well as their number of novels output especially in BDSM novels genre.

In recent years, BDSM novels are more closely integrated with the fiction IP industry, not just because their own characteristics matches with the current trend, but also due to a mature industrial ecosystem. As mentioned above, the value of BDSM novels fiction IP highly relies its fans. And since the young readers are more active and more eager to share and advocate what they love, they are willing to pay for the fiction IP-related product consumption, we can say that the more popular a BDSM novels is among the young readers, the higher the so called fiction IP value it conducted. 

For fiction IP business boosting: the Platform to choose, it matters.

Dreamestory, as a rising star with a track record of quick IP-fiction of its webnovels, such as “BDSM novels”, “werewolf romance” and “billionaire romance” in the category of dubcon books has a younger reader base. Due to the maintenance of its “creative ecosystem”, in order to better fulfill readers’ needs for content,, many web-novels platform like Dreamestory has placed a great emphasis to the writer ecosystem. Through upgrading welfare policies and other means for its writers, the company has also managed to attract many “novice writers”. With the corresponding strong guide and support they successfully avoid the homogenizing repetitive content.. In this case, in turn attracted more readers with better tastes and results in a positive cycle whereby a high quality BDSM novels can bring in even more readers to dreame. In conclusion, the key foundation of BDSM novels IP development is a mature one-stop ecosystem as a webnovel platform such as dreamestory. And as the reading habits of the young users progresses, the development of BDSM novels have sped up. For instance, genres such as Office Romance, Werewolf Romance, and Billionaire Romance, BDSM etc., have a large number of novels in its collection.

These influential power drives out the better overall performances are both contributed by an innate higher popularity of adapted works and the “redirecting traffic” back to a specific genre like BDSM novel.

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