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Stinky dog breath isn't the only reason to brush Fido's pearly whites! Dental care for your pooch is critical to add years to their life. Here's how!

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Dental Care

Do we as human beings brush or clean our teeth regularly? Isn’t that so? Then why not your dogs? Keeping your teeth cleaned and brushing twice regularly can prevent you from having tooth decay, gum loss, and related diseases. As dental care is important for us, in the same way, it holds the same importance regarding your pet dog. A large population worldwide considers their pets as a part of their family, but for a major population, the dental care of their dog hardly matters.

On the other hand, dental care is important and plays a vital role in keeping your dog’s overall health just perfect. Furthermore, a proper dental checkup is also a must to check if there are any early signs of any kind of dental problem. It is also recommended to get your dog’s teeth, and gums checked at least once every year to keep your pet dog healthy and fine. 

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1. To prevent tooth loss.

As your beloved dog ages, there are high chances of structures supporting your dog’s teeth getting damaged, which may further cause their teeth to fall out. In this event, prioritizing dental care for your dog can be helpful and to make sure that the teeth always remain strong and healthy. Ignorance in dental care can further lead to pain and difficulty in chewing.

2. Brushing up.

It is also important to focus on your dog’s oral hygiene to ensure cleanliness. You should take some time to brush their teeth as it can be a part of their overall training. Just to make your dog feel comfortable with the situation, you are recommended to go slowly while starting. Always remember to initiate brushing teeth only when the dog is in a good mood.

3. Prevents bad breath.

Bad breath from your dog’s mouth is something that can ruin your entire day. In such a situation, dental care holds much importance so that bad breath can be avoided. This problem of bad breath takes place due to the unnecessary build-up of bacteria. In this circumstance, dental care is needed to prevent odor from developing. So, brushing and cleaning teeth regularly can give your dog relief from this problem of bad breath.

4. It helps in preventing pain.

This is yet another great reason your dog needs dental care. Dental care is a must as it also helps in preventing unnecessary pain that may be caused due to tooth decay, dirt, and bad breath, etc. The pain usually occurs because of Gingivitis and periodontal disease. So, there is a need to keep an eye on the early signs to prevent the pain from getting worse.

5. Helps in preventing organ damage.

Dental care of your dog is important to prevent organ damage as well. The unnecessary build-up of bacteria that causes plaque can enter your blood, which may further spread the infection and bacteria to the organs, including the liver, lungs, heart, and kidneys, etc. Such damage to the organs can make your dog ill.

6. Dogs are innocent enough to hide their teeth’ pain.

This is a fact that you won’t realize that your dog is having a dental issue or pain until it turns out to be more advanced. Since dogs are good at hiding their pain, there is a need to focus on their dental care so that early signs can be easily caught and dental checkups can be started.

7. Brush now and save money.

Focusing on the dental care of your dog can help you in saving money for the future. Having an eye and catching the early signs can be helpful as it can help you save money for the future. So, there is a need to be aware of your dog’s oral hygiene.

So, there is a need to focus on these important reasons as mentioned above so as to ensure a healthy and proper lifestyle for your beloved dog. 

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