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The custom display boxes are being manufactured with durable, rigid, and customizable materials. Here are the different types and its uses.

The Types Of Display Boxes & Their Uses

The display boxes have become the most widely used packaging solutions by retailing brands all across the globe. The custom display boxes are being manufactured with durable, rigid, and customizable materials. For the most part, these materials include cardboard stock, corrugated stock, kraft stock, and paper stock. In addition, some brands make them with metal and organic plastic. 

Truth be told, the choice of material generally depends on the products that have to be showcased in the display boxes. In the majority of cases, the cartons are being used for promoting the products because it helps with advertisement and helps endorse the brand identity but the uses don’t stop here. That being said, we are using this article to help you understand different types of display boxes!

Counter Top Display Boxes

For the most part, the name of these display boxes is pretty much explainable. Still, to illustrate, the countertop display boxes are the displays that are positioned next to the cashier or the counter. These display boxes have become an impeccable way of improving the sales charts. This is because when the box is placed on the counter, the customer will be able to look at the product and invest in it. 

The best thing about countertop display boxes is that it results in impulsive purchases (it might not be good for the customers but it is for the brands). As far as suitability is concerned, these countertop display boxes are suitable for magazines, candies, chocolates, and CDs. 

Floor Display Boxes 

The floor display boxes are incredibly popular and the name clearly defines what the display box is about. This is because the floor display boxes can be placed on the floor which makes them bigger than the countertop display boxes and has a freestanding design. The floor display boxes go perfectly in grocery stores, supermarkets, small boutiques, and big box stores. 

The floor display boxes tend to be stronger and sturdier as compared to the countertop display boxes. This is because the floor display boxes are made from multiple layers of corrugated cardboard because it helps them sustain product mass and weight. 

Power Wings

The power wings are widely known as the sidekicks (a humorous name, right?). This is mainly because the display boxes are integrated with the main shelf or the fixed structures in the grocery stores and/or supermarkets. However, if you want this strategy to succeed, you need to hand the power wings at eye level because it helps promote impulsive purchases among the customers. 


For the most part, the power wings are connected to the shelves but the endcaps are positioned on the end of the aisle. In particular, it is positioned after the main shelves. The endcap display boxes are stronger and sturdier designs since they have the ability to hold more products at a time. That being said, if you use the endcaps, make sure there is a touch and feel element for the products. 

Quarter-Pallet Display Boxes 

If you are a fan of the corrugated floor display boxes, we are certain that you will fall in love with the quarter pallet display. That’s to say because it’s the custom display box that offers one-sided shopping access to the customers. It is designed to hold the weight of products, hence easier access to the customers. 

Half-Pallet Display Boxes 

In case you want to optimize the one-sided shopping access on the specialty stores or retail stores, you can opt for the half-pallet display boxes. The best thing about these boxes is that they can be customized in terms of color and materials, but the prices may vary accordingly. These can be used for showcasing the physical products and presenting the imagery products. 

Full-Pallet Display Boxes 

These display boxes are perfect for the wholesale stores as well as in the main aisles. This is because these display boxes offer shopping access from all sides. The best part is that the printing space is available on various sides, hence better communication of the information. Not to forget, it offers the perfect merchandising in visual terms. 

Pallet Wrap

If you have always wanted easier customization and installation, you can opt for pallet wrap display boxes. These boxes can be attached to the current equipment for improving the customer experience.

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