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Want the perfect vintage look for your kitchen? Invest in a gas hob or a retro hood! Find out how these appliances can add character to your home!

Find a perfect built-in gas hob and a retro hood for your kitchen

A built-in gas hob has plenty of advantages over freestanding furniture. See the main advantages of a built-in gas hob: 

  1. Coherent style

Well-designed kitchens are those which are coherent. If you want your kitchen to look coherent, choose built-in solutions. A built-in gas hob is a perfect solution not only for modern style kitchens but also for vintage-looking spaces. If you are searching for beautiful, vintage style built-in furniture, check the selection of built-in gas hobs by Lofra:

  1. High Quality

By choosing the highest quality built-in gas hob, you are buying a product that is safe, practical and beautiful. The modern premium gas hobs are made of durable materials and are equipped with electronic switches and systems that protect you from flame ignition.

  1. Functionality and maintenance

A built-in gas hob is so popular thanks to its functionality. You can fit it into any kitchen room and the cast iron grate is very easy to clean. 

  1. Safety

A premium built-in gas hob is safe and convenient. It stabilizes the pots and has burners that are safe to use. Lofra offers built-in gas hobs with the highest level of efficiency and reduced gas emissions. They are also equipped with gas-stop protection. 

What is so amazing about a retro hood?

  1. Design

A retro hood will take your kitchen back in time. If you like vintage style, a retro hood is a perfect option for you.  

  1. Durability

Premium retro hoods from a reliable supplier such as Lofra are made of durable materials such as brushed stainless steel. They are equipped with carbon filters and four fan speeds.

If you are searching for a high-quality retro hood, check the selection of premium hoods by Lofra:

About Lofra is a renowned Italian manufacturer of premium quality retro kitchen furniture and appliances such as a retro hood and a built-in gas hob. Beautiful Italian design and many years of experience result in products that will turn your kitchen back in time. offers furniture for enthusiasts of luxury and retro style, made of the best materials. Lofra’s furniture will serve you for many years to come. If you are looking for vintage style kitchen furniture and accessories and want to invest in failure-free premium products, is the right address. 

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