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Artist Alley: Convention Prep

Artist Alley is a bright and buzzing location within conventions where outstanding artists present their artistic endeavors and interact with fans and fellow supporters. If you are an artist planning to attend a convention and put up a stall, prior research and is essential to ensure that it is a profitable and pleasurable event. You can sell custom keychains, tote bags or waterproof stickers. Everything with an original and unique design is a hit at the artist alley. We will walk you through the main phases of convention preparation for Artist Alley in this post, so you can make the most of this excellent opportunity to present your art and engage with your audience. So, let us get started and prepare for a fantastic convention!

Plan and Organize Your Inventory

Take stock of your artwork before the convention and determine which pieces you want to display in your exhibit. Consider the central idea, design, and general popularity of your creations, as well as the likes and dislikes of the audience you are targeting. Make sure you have enough copies originals, products and any other goods you intend to market or exhibit. Make a precise inventory list and organize your artwork for simple setup and utilization during the day’s festivities.


  1. You can attract a major chunk of customers towards your stall with a variety of products. 


  1. Inventory planning can take effort and lots of space to set up. Choose items that you know have a potential of selling at the specific event.

Design an Eye-Catching Booth

Your exhibit is your artistic place to attract and bring guests in. Plan the layout and aesthetic of your exhibit to demonstrate your own personality and draw attention. To create an attractive environment, consider employing banners, symbols, and colorful displays. Make sure to clearly display your trademark and artist name so that people can quickly identify your work. To encourage browsing and interaction, arrange your artwork in a visually pleasing and easily obtainable manner. For example, if you are selling keychains, keep one acrylic keychain that the customers can touch and feel to know about the quality of what they are buying. 

Prepare Pricing and Payment Options

Decide on the pricing for your artwork and merchandise. Research the average pricing within your community to ensure your prices are competitive and fair. Offer discounts and deals wherever you can. Also, make sure your prices are visible to everyone. Try to understand the type of audience that will be visiting your stall and arrange your inventory and pricing in accordance with that. 

Keep Yourself Prepared 

Ensure you have all the necessary supplies for a smooth convention experience. This includes packaging materials, price tags, business cards, receipt book, pens, tape and a calculator. Do bring a few snacks, water, and any personal items you may need during the event. 

And that’s it! You’re ready to rock the next convention you will be displaying your work at.

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