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Effective first date tips ensure success with your first date, enabling you to make a great first impression and gain control from the outset.

Ace the first date to find true love

The best first date tips for women

Traditionally, women are more selective about selecting a partner than men. Yet, their extra caution does not ensure a 100% track record. Sometimes, women fail to make a great first impression on a first date. Impressing the date is a prerequisite for seizing control of the relationship from the outset. 

Of course, there is a possibility that the date does not interest you. However, the situation is complex for plus-size black women, especially when they head out on blind dates. Now, your situation might be different. But, that does not mean ignoring preparation for your first date. Here are some of the best first date tips for women.

1. Prepare well

Feeling anxious or awkward before a first date with someone is natural. The best way to get around any apprehensions or inhibitions is to prepare well. The first step is getting there early. You can relax, listening to your favorite songs. You can also go over some effective ice-breakers. 

Alternatively, take a few minutes to go over your date’s social media accounts to learn more about his likes and dislikes. Even if you find someone online, take your time to get ready.

You can conveniently find black people on MeetVille who share the same interests. This step can improve the chances of a successful first date. Here are a couple of bonus tips:

  • Read up about the location of the date. For instance, if you are going to a restaurant, read the menu.
  • Have a clear idea of any boundaries or ground rules you want to set. For example, you may not want to hang out after the date.

While you do not have to go in-depth with the prep, following the tips mentioned here can help. 

2. Dress comfortably

Don’t fret too much over what to wear and how you look. You can affect your chances of success on the date by overdoing the makeup or picking clothes that you are not comfortable wearing. 

The keyword here is “elegance”. Wear nice clothes, but do not pick the best dress from the wardrobe. Keep some mystery for future dates, if you have an interest in pursuing the relationship beyond the first date. Do not assume that your choice of clothes will have any bearing on the outcome of your date. Come off as comfortable and relaxed to improve your chances. 

3. Be yourself

The worst mistake a woman can make on her first date is pretending to be someone she is not. This risk is prominent with women engaging in online dating. Talking to a person online before the first date does not improve the prospects. In fact, many people show a different version of themselves online. 

That’s why being real and authentic is the best way forward for women on their first dates. Coming off as a phony is the last thing you want. Otherwise, the person sitting opposite you might lose interest in the conversation, sooner or later. Women should talk to their dates the way they talk to their close friends. Building some degree of intimacy from the start can prove helpful down the line. 

4. Select conversation topics carefully

Women should be wary about the topics of conversation they bring up on a first date. Sidestep the sacred cows, i.e. religion and politics. In addition, avoid talking about past relationships. There’s no way to know a person’s dating history in detail. Therefore, this topic is one women should avoid on the first date. 

That said, a survey showed that 8 out of 10 people are open to talking about “anything” with their dates. However, women should be clear that their date is comfortable with the topic before proceeding with the conversation. 

5. Stay vigilant

Perhaps the most important tip women should follow on their first date is staying vigilant. Women usually have some idea of the type of guy they want to be with, but that does not mean that you carry a checklist. Instead, women should look out for red flags that can affect their decision about a potential relationship with their date. 

For example, women who do not like men who smoke should enquire about this habit on the first date. Women need to keep their eyes and ears open and they will pick up clues about their date. 

There you have it: the best first date tips for women. One last tip: have an exit strategy in mind in case you have to get out of the situation, especially if the date is boring.

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