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When should you wash your car?

Wondering how often you should give your car a wash in order to keep it looking its best? The answer to this question will depend on aspects such as the climate of where you live, your lifestyle and the ways you store the vehicle when it is not being used. Jonathan Ganther, co-founder of Brakes to Go – a Texas-based mobile brake repair company – explains why exposure to everyday contaminants like tar, road debris and bird droppings can ruin your car’s exterior over time and whether or not frequent washing could be harmful for it. Before you go any further, check out montway auto transport reviews.

In a moderate climate, how often should you wash your car?

Ganther suggests washing your car every two weeks if the weather isn’t too rough. Waxing it after each cleaning should help you extend the time between washes, and it will create a barrier that prevents damage from outside elements. If you’re able to keep it in the garage for most of its life, then you may even be able to go longer in between washes.

Do not forget to clean the interior of your car when washing it. You should clean it as often as possible, if not more frequently, depending on your lifestyle and how much time you spend in it. If you have children or eat in your vehicle, you may want to consider cleaning it more frequently. Additionally, Ganther recommends applying ceramic coating to your seats, which will prevent stains from setting in and dust from collecting. For this you have to find car detailing near me on google which will give you list of car detailing company.

In winter, how often should you wash your car?

Ganther says how often you should wash your car depends on the climate. If left untreated, salt, snow, and rain can damage your car’s paint and undercarriage, causing long-term damage.” Salt can cause corrosive rust on your car. After a snowstorm, you can protect your car’s paint and undercarriage by washing it once the roads are free of salt and chemicals.

Consider living in a cold climate with severe winter weather, or near the coast where your car gets caked with salt and sand from the beaches and ocean. In that case, you should consider more frequent cleanings to avoid permanent damage to your car’s body.

Is it possible to wash your car too much?

In general, you can’t wash your car too much if you’re doing it properly, says Ganther. In contrast, if you don’t wash it enough, you may not get as clean of a car as you think. When people leave tree wax or bird droppings on their car for too long, they are harder to detect than a layer of salt coating the paint. As a result of infrequent washings, brake dust can accumulate on your wheels and eat through them.

Your wheels have the most debris on your car, so you do not want to transfer it to the rest of your car when cleaning it properly. Ganther recommends washing them separately with a separate rag. Once your wheels are clean, you can move on to your car’s body. If you’re not the DIY type, you should take your car to a carwash. According to Ganther, car washes can transfer dust, dirt, and debris from one car to another.

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