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Vintage RVs continue to be a popular item for travelers and families. Here's a breakdown of some of the most beloved RVs.

Vintage RVs – the Charm of Roads

Modern motorhomes are equipped with high-tech features and luxurious accommodations for dwellers to enjoy. There is no arguing that they are work-of-art machines and a great and reliable way to experience long-distance driving. However, houses on wheels have been around for a long time, and some of the earlier RV campers still look great today. They may not feature advanced electronic instrumentations on the dashboard, flat-screen TV like a home theatre, and GPS navigation controls but their timeless classic styling still offers relaxation and fun while driving to your favourite camping destination.

If you are looking for a new way to camp and have a limited budget, you may want to consider a vintage RV camper. ZeRVs, a website created exclusively for RV enthusiasts to buy and sell moving houses, has a lot of vintage RVs to offer. They are usually less expensive, and always turn heads at every RV park or campsite you visit. Even fellow motorists on the road can be tempted to look at your RV.

Older motorhomes and trailers are also great for anyone who enjoys DIY and restoration projects. Unlike the newer ones, you would not hesitate to remove older parts because there is no fear of damaging some kind of electronics or electrical parts. The good thing about vintage RVs is that you can really convert it to whatever you want. 

Many buyers on ZeRVs who have a limited budget but are skilled are actually buying old RVs and tear everything leaving only the outside structure. Majority of the work is done inside where the RV will be fitted with a totally new interior. Old RVs have durable housing structures and when everything inside is new, the final look is always glamorous and even looks better than those brand new.

While most older trailers and camper vans are not spacious compared to today’s modern RVs, they look beautiful and cosy. Being inside a vintage RV feels like being inside an antique hotel with a modern interior. Another good thing about having an antique RV is they have a lot of old memories. Whether that camper has a different owner before, its age can tell that there are a lot of memories inside that RV. It’s like living inside a museum especially if most of its original parts are still intact. 

Vintage RV campers may be overshadowed by modern models, but RV campers with a little more character can be even more fun for just a fraction of the price. If you are planning to buy an RV, take a look at the following vintage RVs. These moving houses are part of history and will always be a charm for every motorist and RV dwellers.

1962 Shasta Astrodome

First built in 1940 for mobile military housing, Shasta did not expect that the trailer would become popular and historical. Almost a decade after More than a decade after WWII, Shastra Astrodome sparked huge interest in Americans with an incredible amount of wanderlust.

Shasta is still the epitome of the American dream, taking travellers miles across the country on exciting adventures. It began providing freedom and the desire to wander and explore what the country has to offer. In the ’60s, the travel trailers became more popular with Shasta being the most recognisable recreational vehicles on the road. From there, the wanderlust of Americans grew stronger. Today it’s stronger than ever.

1969 MCI 40 Challenger

The 1969 MCI Challenger is a massive bus and a spacious house on wheels. Take your show on the road in a vintage bus conversion designed for comfort on the road. There is a massive amount of interior space as well as extensive storage both inside and underneath. This mammoth vehicle is spacious enough for two separate bathrooms with vanities as well as a separate shower. 

Full-time living ready thanks to two huge cedar closets plus extensive drawers and cabinets. A 15kW diesel generator powers all onboard systems. Forward and rear air conditioning too! This is the perfect vehicle to treasure as a time capsule or to update whenever the new owner feels it desirable. 

1985 Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream is one of the most popular  RV manufacturers and no wonder why the 1985 Gulf Stream is one of the favourites. Back in the day, this class A motorhome was one of the finest around. Even though it has years and thousands of mileage in its disposal, the 1985 Gulf is still very popular among campers due to its spacious and luxury-looking interior. 

1974 Dodge Winnie Wagon

The Dodge Winnie Wagon is somewhere between a small motorhome and a jumbo station wagon, with a variety of possibilities. According to an article in Popular Science in 1974, the 18-foot long Winnie Wagon has a pop-top that provides over six feet of headroom. The appeal of this RV comes from the combination of space and versatility.

The interior has ample seating that would comfortably fit a family of four or more. Originally the 1974 Winnie Wagon sold for $6,915 and was built on a Dodge van chassis with a Dodge 318-cu-in engine. Today, you can own a 1974 Dodge Winnie Wagon if you have $10,000 to $15,000.

1976 Winnebago 24RB

This article is not complete without a Winnebago RV. For over 50 years, Winnebago has manufactured some of the best motorhomes, travel trailers, and fifth wheels in the RV industry. The Winnebago 24RB is 25 feet long with a spacious and unique interior, true to the Winnebago style. 

Sitting on a Dodge Chassis, this RV can sleepover 4 people, and comes with a 14′ awning. While most motorhomes of this age have seen over 70,000 miles of travel, the quality and trademarked durability of Winnebago has kept it in great condition.

There are a lot of fancy and charming vintage RVs out there but we don’t have enough space to put them all here. However, you can check some of them being posted at ZeRVs. Vintage RVs are highly recommended for thrillseekers and adventurers. 

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