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Road trips are supposed to be beautiful getaways where you can discover yourself and your surroundings. Follow these crucial safety tips for a great time.

The 4 Tips For Staying Safe While On A Road Trip

The open road is very alluring. Many movies romanticize taking a road trip and enjoying the ultimate freedom. Although road trips are a lot of fun they can also be boring and risky. 

Spending a lot of time on the road raises the risk of an accident. And driving for hours on end can make decision-making a challenge. To get the most out of a road trip it pays to be prepared. Planning ahead can mean the difference between an epic trip and a disaster. 

Car accident lawyers like Lamber Goodnow get plenty of work due to how many aggressive drivers there are on the road. Knowing how to deal with them will make your road trip an unforgettable one for the right reasons and not because of an accident. 

In this article, we will go over several steps to take to make sure that you stay safe while out on the road.

1 – Do an inspection

The most important thing that factors into your enjoyment of a safe road trip is your car. It may seem like the car is in fine condition, but many hours on the road day in and day out will put a strain on it. 

Inspecting the car ahead of time can prevent this strain from causing a breakdown. The first thing to check should be the tires. Look for tread that is worn and bald spots on the tires. If you see this then it is time to change your tires for new ones as worn tread doesn’t grip the road well. 

If the tread is only lightly worn on some tires, then rotating the tires is a good idea at this point. They should be rotated once a year so if you haven’t done this before this is a good time. 

Fluids need to be full to the recommended limit that you can read in the manual. And check for any kind of leaks or potential for leaks. If your tubes are dry and brittle then excessive driving may cause them to burst. 

If you are in doubt about any of these items on the checklist, then bring your car to a mechanic for an inspection. Let them know that you are going to be driving many hours per day so they know what to look out for. 

2 – Have a plan

Although it is fun to be spontaneous on a road trip to find some hidden gems that are not in the guidebook, it pays to plan ahead. You should use hotels or motels as markers for your next destination so you aren’t looking for a place to sleep in the middle of nowhere. 

Being familiar with the route you plan to take is also wise. It will prevent any surprises from coming up while you are on the road. Research ahead of time if there are any road closures or construction that can slow you down or create unsafe driving conditions. 

Likewise, keep a close eye on the weather reports. In case of bad weather have a place to stay an extra night or two to ride out any dangerous weather conditions. 

3 – Be prepared

Accidents and the unexpected happen when you least expect them. Have some preparation for these events to make sure they aren’t worse than they should be. 

A first aid kit is an essential item. A minor accident can still cause some injuries so have a kit that will treat wounds. A breakdown that happens in the middle of nowhere can have you in some unpleasant conditions. Have a blanket and waterproof matches in case you need to stay warm overnight. 

Extra food and water can tide you over until you get help or get your car running again. In many areas of the southwest, this is very important as daytime temperatures can quickly get to over 100°F. 

4 – Don’t drive distracted

Focus is the most important factor to stay safe while driving. This means focusing on driving and not trying to multitask. Hours on the road can dull the senses so avoid doing other things while driving.

Don’t text and drive as it is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Eating should also be done while you are stopped and pulled over somewhere. Having a picnic is cheaper than eating out and gives you rest instead of trying to drive while eating a sandwich. 

5 – Know Who To Call If You Run Into Trouble

We’ve talked about being prepared and staying as safe as possible, but you’ll also have to make sure that you are prepared for when things go a little wrong, too. For instance, if you get into an accident or something similar, you’ll want to make sure that you have your Sarasota car accident lawyer (or wherever you are) at the ready. You also want to make sure that you are insured and that you know the perfect people to help with your recovery.

Set the GPS to the right coordinates while you are stopped and off the road to avoid taking your eyes off of the road. 

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