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How Often Must You Replace the Car Windshield?

Most people often take their windshields for granted. If this robust glass piece wasn’t there, chances are you will not stay secured from the loose rocks, flying debris, hail, and raindrops. The windshield gets designed for securing the car driver whenever there is any accident through structural assistance to the frame. But there are several car owners who have completely forgotten about the windshield. At times they also overlook the signs of windshield replacement. 

How long will your windshield last?

The entire lifespan of the windshield lasts on several variables. But you must note that the undamaged windshield will last a lifetime. That aside, the other parts which require to get changed timely, for instance, tires and brake pads, the windshield gets designed for a lifetime. 

On the other hand, where there is a damaged windshield, it needs to get replaced. The abrupt cracking might drastically bring down the glass’s lifespan. That aside, it takes one colossal crack, and you have to replace the panel totally. To know more about this, you can check out Magic Windshields

Is it possible to repair the windshield damage? 

The automobile glass gets designed slightly differently from various other kinds of glass. Rather than getting shattered when it’s cracked, the windshield gets designed for staying in one piece. When the damage becomes small, there is a chance to get it repaired. Some of the essential things to consider for when you wish to replace and repair the windshield are:

  • The size of chip and crack

When the damage is smaller, it is slightly easier to get repaired. You will find chips that are a quarter size and even small, which will get filled. Also, the cracks need to be slightly less than inches. 

  • The damage location

Any damage at the passenger or center side of the windshield will usually get repaired easily. But when the damage happens on the driver’s side, it can block the vision, thereby and substituting the glass is essential. 

  • The chip count

It is highly common to come across over one crack or chip in the windshield. And while on the one hand, it could be simple to repair several small chips, if there are more, it can make the glass weak. When the glass strength gets compromised, you need to get it replaced. 

When you get in touch with a professional?

You need to assess every chip or crack. And only a glass expert can get it done. Regardless of how harmless the chip might appear, it will start to spread after a point of time. In several cases, the small crack can spread all through the windshield overnight. When that takes place, you will have to substitute the glass. Here an auto glass professional will start to assess the damage extent. They will possess the know-how and skill to decide the best action you need to take. When you can’t do anything to save the glass, you need to get it repaired. Usually, the repairs take about an hour if there isn’t anything critical. Only a professional will be able to tell you the best way to replace and repair the windshield. 

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